Domino Image of the Day

I realized I had not posted these in a few days, so I'm catching up here

I'm also feeling under the weather today, and I'm lacking creativity to post something fun so this will have to do.

Happy weekend everyone!
source: dominomag.com


Lauren said...

feel better Linsday!!

Tiffany said...

ugh, i know how you feel, I was like that all last week! being sick sucks all the creativity out of you.

feel better!

Kwana said...

Love the 3rd image. Feel better. Rest up!

Windlost said...

Beautiful photos - I love that orange floor. I love pale colours, but somehow orange always makes me smile.

Hope you're feeling better. Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to go read some of your posts now.

P.S. I love Boston! My cousin lives there but I don't recall her neighborhood!

Haven and Home said...

What am I going to do when you stop posting these? Hope you feel better!

Pink Wallpaper said...

love that door and entry way- beautiful!

No.35style said...

love picture no.2...fabulous entry, floor and door!