Frame It!

In my group of friends I have always been known as the one who is a little (ok, alot) obsessed with interior decorating, all things home, and oh yea, Martha Stewart. So naturally when any one of them moves or redecorates, I am one of the first people they email to ask for some advice. When my friend Jamie decided to make the big move and head out of the city to the burbs, she emailed and asked for some advice. Now her place is brand new, brand spankin new, (yes I'm a tad bit jealous she doesn't have to deal with all the "fun" little quirks living in an old place, like mine, comes with) and with brand spankin new comes lots of builder grade fixtures. One of the new builder grade fixtures she was not so fond of was the large, HUGE mirror that took up the whole wall over the sink and toilet.

See exhibit A:

As soon as she told me she had a large mirror in the bathroom, she didn't even have to show me pictures, I immediately said FRAME IT! After a little explanation about what I was talking about (and that it did not involve taking the mirror off the wall to actually frame it) she decided to call up her Dad and get him to help her paint and cut some molding so she could frame her mirror. Gotta love Dads!

After Dads help, here is the after:

With a little green paint, some white molding, and fun bathroom accessories her place is looking quite fabulous, yeah for DIY!! So Jamie, whats the next project you need me to work on?


Anonymous said...

looks 100 times better! that's the same idea i thought to as i was reading this post..."frame it!"

yay for diy! (and friends who know their stuff!)

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

DIY is so great. I am full of ideas.... but my husband tries to limit them!

Anonymous said...


I saw your name over at Mrs Limestone's...it looks great !!!

Rhoda over at
http://southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot.com/ just did somethinng like that...

Nice to meet you,
Kathy :)

LindsB said...

Yeah for DIY is right, I love DIY and crafting- it keeps me out of trouble :)

Thanks for checking out my blog Kathy, nice to meet you as well!

Lauren said...

Looks great!!! She's lucky to have you!