Hits and Misses

I'm very sleepy today because I stayed up till the very end of the Oscars last night- for the most part I loved the whole thing. I mean, who knew Anne Hathaway could sing like that?

Here is a quick fashion re-cap of what I loved and hated:

loved it

loved it

loved it

loved it

loved it

loved it

loved it

HATED IT- what is that thing in the front of her?

HATED IT- WOOF! I'm sorry, I know she is 74 years old but I thought her whole look was awful

So, what were your hits and misses of the night?
(photos from oscar.com)


Unknown said...

oh i'm doing a similar post too...i agree with your hits (except for frida pinto...) and also your misses...what the hell was jessica biel thinking?

Laura said...

I agree with your picks. I also liked Kate Winslet's dress- especially the back. Too bad her hair looked awful. I also liked Penlope Cruz's vintage gown- it was light, fluffy, and lovely. I stayed up to the end too- but jind of felt like the show was a bit of a dud this year.

Lauren said...

i didn't watch so your pics are my first peeks!! i would have to say natalie portman's dress... although i'd like it in another color and maybe a little longer.. i like it when they hit the floor & puddle- BUT so not pracTical, right??!!! (this is for my oscar night haha)


Anonymous said...

i agree with your hits..amy adams only made me mad with the necklace

LindsB said...

Lauren I'm with you, I like the puddle too :)

Kristin said...

HA! We so have similar taste. I came *this close* to putting Jessica Beale on my "The Bad" list. As you can see from my post, our picks were spot on. Taraji Henson's dress would have probably been my #4 favorite.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you. I LOVED Jennifer Aniston's hair. I thought it was so chic.

Brilliant Asylum said...

All of that helmet hair (Penelope, Anne, Kate) was a no.

Angelina's emerald earrings with a plain black strapless dress was a yes!