Love You!

I just got these delivered to me at the office

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my wonderful, loving, amazing boyfriend for the most beautiful roses- I love you!!

(I know I'm cheesy, you can all make fun of me later)


Devon said...

With leaves? He knew to buy them with leaves? He's a keeper my friend. A total keeper.

{roses without leaves just aren't the same, you know?}

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Anyone who makes fun of you is just jealous. Didn't your mom tell you that? :)
What a sweetheart. Have a beautiful LOVE day!

Lauren said...

awwwww he's too freaking sweet!!! happy valentine's day!!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW I hope you had a lovely Valentine's

Kathy :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Very sweet of him. Plus it's always nice to get something special delivered to your office so co-workers can oh and ah and be totally jealous!

Unknown said...


i got roses...from my mom. lol. and my younger brother. better than nothing i suppose :)

Windlost said...

You're not cheesy. You're LUCKY! Enjoy every minute of being loved and adored. : )

Anonymous said...

Did he send flowers to his mom? Did he call his mom that day?