Loving This...Minka

Last summer the BF and I headed up to Maine for a last minute getaway, and on the way up we stopped in Kennebunkport. For those of you who have never been, its definitely a place worth visiting. Its a picturesque town, situated right on the Maine seacoast. With lots of character and charm Kennebunkport (to me) means summer, vacation, that salt water smell in the air and Maine Lobster!

And yes, the Bush compound is even there too.

Of course I can't go anywhere without finding a few stores to stop into, just in case they have something I need (ok want, but that's besides the point). This time I found the store Minka.

Owned by a husband and wife, the store features his artwork and her jewelry. I fell in love with her work, take a look at some of the beautiful things she makes:

and these three are my favorites- each one would be such a pretty addition to any outfit.

But, the best part of Minka is that its right next to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and there is always a long line in the summer. Meaning, if your man is like mine and dislikes lots of browsing, stick him in line for some ice cream and you'll be guaranteed at least 15 minutes to shop.

Check out more on their website at minkahome.com


Lauren said...

oh i need to get up North!!!

Unknown said...

i've always wanted to head up to that part of maine!

and hey, you live in boston, right? whereabouts? i'm in somerville!

LindsB said...

Hey Jessie, yes I'm in Boston, well actually Brookline- I love it over here! How is your apartment re-do going?

Unknown said...

Brookline - home of Zaftigs and the Coolidge Corner Club House. So delicious.

The apartment re-do is stalled because whenever Robin and I get together, other things like wine, breakfast sandwiches and her kicking me out of my own bed seem to get in the way :)

LindsB said...

Mmmmm, I'd love a Coolidge Corner Club House salad right now, and a bloody mary- delish!

I can understand that, more important things come in the way of decorating sometimes- sounds like you two had fun!

No.35style said...

Minka looks fun and i love the outside!