Mark it With a B

I've always been a fan of monogramming, there are so many things you can put your initials on and personalize these days. I was searching online for housewarming gifts, and like anything else it turned into a few hours of online shopping. Here are some of the fun things I found:

Coasters & napkins- What a fun present to take as a hostess gift- its not something she'll put back into the gift closet, everyone can always use these when having guests over for cocktails.

Soap from Pottery Barn- a cute present for the person who has everything. A guest bathroom could always use a cute bar of monogrammed soap

Lucite Desk Accessories- I just love these so I had to include them. They would be so hot on a desk paired with a pink alligator desk blotter.

Monogrammed Shams- Maybe out of my price range to get the bed whole set, but a pair of these lime green shams adds new life to a dull bed.

Monogrammed Stir Sticks- I love these to use at a wedding, they would be so cute on the corner of the bar in a beautiful glass.

Monogrammed Door Mat- The perfect way to say congrats on the new house (this would even be a super simple DIY, but that's for another post)

Initial Candle -Love the initial on this one!

And then I found this... this is when using a monogram can go a little too far, this is just plain wrong!

I could have gone on and on with fun things to put your mark on, but these are just some of the highlights! What are some of the cute things you have your stamp on??

Images from: Horchow, Grandin Road, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Matouk, Miles Kimble, Ballard Designs, and Archipelago


Devon said...

Can you please post on the DIY front door mat. Because it rocks and because I absolutely want to do it for my front door mat. Pretty please?! ;)

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Great post! I love monogrammed items... but don't have many. Those stir sticks are so fun!

Lauren said...

Hahaha that tp cracks me up!
i love the really useful gifts like the cocltail napkins & the soap. They're like little luxuries because you'd never buy them foryourself but they would be so nice to receive.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I once read that Southern Women love monograms. Well I must be a southern belle, because I can't get enough of them. I used them all throughout my wedding and like adding small touches in my house. Right I have them on shams in my bedroom.

LindsB said...

Devon- I'll get working on it and post one shortly for you.

Lauren- I know, that is exactly what I was thinking, I love getting those kinds of presents.

Camila- I know I have about 0% southern charm in me, so I know thats not why I love monograms, wonder why it is now, haha.

Anonymous said...

I always tell myself I'm not preppy, but then I have monogrammed pillow cases...and hangers....and tote bags...I love it. I even would put out that toilet paper and then have a normal roll near by with a note stating that my monogrammed TP is purely decorative.

the great american hanger company and hangers.com have great monogrammed hangers...and foryourparty.com has great monogrammed match boxes.

PS loooooove the lucite.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

just wanted to let you know that i left you a little surprise on my blog this morning... to let you know how much i enjoy reading yours!

LindsB said...

Robin- love that you would put a note on the decorative TP- that is too funny!

Blueprint Bliss- thank you so much for the love on your blog! I love reading yours too!!