New Kid on the Block- Fresh Home

While browsing the Home magazine section at Barnes & Noble today, I noticed a new face on the shelves; Fresh Home Magazine joins the rest of them, a magazine aimed at the DIY'er. Launched by Readers Digest Association Alyce Alston said this:

"Fresh Home is a new take on the traditional shelter magazine because it approaches readers from a lifestyle standpoint, choosing to focus on value and simplicity while remaining in-tune with the consumer living in today's economy.” (as stated here)

I didn't read it cover to cover yet, but from what I can tell so far it looks OK. Its no Domino, and it didn't knock my socks off but its worth checking out if you are the DIY kind of person, or would like to become a DIY type of person.

More info on the launch of this magazine HERE

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Lauren said...

will have to check it out! the name cracks me up because it was one of the many i was thinking of before i decided on pure style.