Seeing Pink

I don't know if its because Valentine's Day is right around the corner or what, but I'm really into pink and want to make a new curtain for my kitchen with some fun pink fabric. Ah, yes I just have to convince the BF that this is a grand idea and that pink is cool- but I'll work on him later.

(the first fabric pictured is from Rubie Green. If you have never checked out the awesome site before, I suggest you take a look HERE. Michelle Adams is the talented designer behind these amazing eco-friendly fabrics, all of them are so beautiful)

So this is what the curtain in the kitchen looks like now... keep in mind we are in a rental- the blind is from the landlord. And, actually we have neighbors very, very close so it comes in handy to shut them out. Also, I have a few more plants in the window there, otherwise I would have done a cafe curtain.

Anyway, this little green and white number is something I whipped up when we moved in and because I have design ADD, its time to make something new. Good thing it only takes about a yard or less so its an easy, cheap re-do.

I was thinking I might try to make a faux roman shade type thing. I would sew a panel of fabric about twice the length here and then pin it up to make it look like a roman shade, but it would obvi not go up and down like a real one.

Any thoughts on this? Any other suggestions on what to make?

Fabric from:
rubiegreen.com, premierprintsfabric.com, decoratorsbest.com, fabricsandhome.com, beautifulfabric.com, designerfabrics.ca/shop/scripts, and trinaturk.com


Anonymous said...

I adore the Rubie Green fabric..michelle is amazing.

The Steel Magnolia House said...

My favorite Rubie Green fabric is the pineapple! She is awesome. I love the zig zag pink too. I cannot get enough of it.
Hubster was in law school in Boston - hence, the Boston stint. WAY too cold for me to remain there any longer than the 3 yrs! lol
I would suggest a roman shade - that would be nice AND functional to keep the wierdo neighbors out. :) And I would def. do the Rubie Green fabric! Go for it!

LindsB said...

I LOVE all the Rubie Green fabric, I think I will have to come up with something a little more permanent to use it on, like a chair or something though.

Unknown said...

Thet are all so gorgeous. It's impossible to pick a favorite!

Unknown said...

i love the rubie green fabric but agree it may be better for something a bit more permanent if you think you may get the urge to change it up quickly again.

i like the 3rd & 4th from the left on top row as well as the pink cherry blossom one.

here's a link to a post on how to make roman shades (super easy!) that works :) i have it saved for one day if i need to make one...


LindsB said...

Thanks for the link Kay- this will def come in handy!!

Lauren said...

i love your idea about the faux roman shade.. i think #3 is my favorite because it's more orangey ... (you have some orange in the other room, right?)


LindsB said...

Thanks Lauren, I just hope it comes out like i have pictured in my head :) And, yes I do have orange in my family room- its really far from the kitchen though so I might try out a totally different color just for fun...who knows we'll see what mood I'm in the day I pick the fabric. Like I said in the post, it doesn't take much fabric at all, so its a good place to change my mind alot- xoxo

Lauren said...

I agree!! have fun with it & we can't wait to see what you do!!