Calling all bloggers...

OK- its new sofa time, and I need suggestions.
Here is what the room looks like now:

I'm thinking lighter color and slip covered (the BF is a disaster so it would be nice to be able to wash the couch) What do you think? Any suggestions on 3 cushion or 2 cushion?

I already posted this about the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams couch that I love and I still love this, so maybe I'll find something along these lines. I need to keep in mind that this couch will be with us for the next several years and possible a few moves- so any hints or tips that anyone has on picking out the perfect couch would be greatly appreciated!


Haven and Home said...

I definitely prefer 3 cushion sofas because I have found people tend to sit in the cracks between cushions and it is easier to fluff with 3 cushions. I know it sounds weird but if you start to notice you will see it is human tendency to sit near the edge of a cushion. Just a thought. I like the M/G sofa!

Have you looked into Best Slipcover Company?

Lauren said...

Definitely just went through this & you probably already know all this but i'll just say it anyway :) - 1) you won't regret paying more for high quality... 2) you will LOVE your slipcover-- nothing beats washable!!

I had a 2-cushion sofa and it felt like i was always falling into the center crack but my mom has one that's firmer & it's not an issue... I LOVe my 1 cushion sofa because there is no crack!! (and it has a very classic/ modern feel)

and did you check out ikea? my best friend has their white slicovered sectional with similar lines to the MB sofa & loved it.

xoxo keep us posted!!!

LindsB said...

Thank you Marianne and Lauren for the advice! I'm trying really hard to convince the BF this is the way to go, but its proving to be a difficult challenge.

Marianne, I love that website and I printed out a few of those couches. Unfortunately we have to purchase the couch at a specific store already- this is a warranty issue and they don’t make our couch anymore so we have to go and pick a new one- yeah for me, but now the fighting starts on what kind to get.

Thank you both again!

ACQUIRE said...

MG&BW has some great pieces. My vote is for 3 cushions too!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to one of my fave sleek sofas that has a slip cover option:


let me know if you like!

ps i'm coming to boston again the last weekend in march....i really want to try to meet up this time! xoxo

LindsB said...

hey Robin, I do like that couch- good choice. Its actually not my favorite, but the BF loves modern and I like slipcovered so its a good compromise. I'm sending him the link now- thanks!!

Also, I would love to get together at somepoint- let me know what your plans are during the day and hopefully we can meet up

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I do not know much about sofas- besides the fact that mine looks terrible (but replacing it is low on my list right now). I have a two cushion...I think three holds up better! Can't wait to see what you decide on. And one more thing- I want my next sofa to be slipcovered...

Anonymous said...

ps...i know it's probably a long shot...but shabby chic is going out of business and their new york store is ALL at least 30% off. if you want to come to the city and check out some sofas, i bet you can find a really comfy slipcovered job that's pretty cheap!

also, email me your # so we can play in beans next weekend!