Craigslist Finds

It seems in these hard economic times that people tend to be buying less and selling more. For those who are in the market to get a deal, now is the perfect time to invest in certain items. I'm not in the market for any new furniture mainly because I have no room, but I always like to look just in case there is something that I really "need" Here are a few things that caught my eye today on Craigslist

I love these small tables. The round one would be so pretty in a foyer, I am picturing a large vase filled with fresh flowers- what a way to be greeted when you come home.

This is a great antique bed, either for a guest room or I could see it in a little boys room.

An event center near Boston is getting rid of lots of these chairs, with a new coat of paint (I'm not loving the gold) they would make great dining chairs paired with the right table.

I love this dresser, I wish I had room for it in my house.

After sending this baby to the upholster people it would be good as new- I'm picturing it in a bold hot pink like on the first cover of Domino with Ruthie Sommers

I really like pedestal tables in the dining room, makes more room for chairs if you have a large party.

I've been looking for an armoire for forever, and this one is perfect- too bad the price tag is not perfect, it must be a real antique.

Last, my favorite- these are all the type of things that make me wish I had a large house OR a really large storage space to keep all these things in so I can switch up my apartments look at a moments notice.

What amazing bargains have you all found recently??

all pictures from craigslist.com


KM said...

I am in LOVE with the first pedestal table - I have been looking for one like that here in PB forever on craigslist!! Good finds, Linds!!

Unknown said...

Great finds! I need to check Craiglist and see what I can find.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I am with Kara... I love the pedestal table... and I love the last piece. I haven't found anything like that on Craig's List in our area... I am about to go look again!

Lauren said...

hahah i'm in on the pedestal table love too! beautiful. i recently found this gorgeous antique french planter and a marble urn hat i'm obsessed with at a thrift store. (both came home & i'll post pics!! ;)