Designer: j.d. bell inc.

Traditional Home just came out with their list of top young designers to watch. There are so many great designers and I've spent the last few hours looking through all their portfolios, my such amazing work by these people! The fabulous Tobi Farly made the list, if you have not checked out her blog, you should! She is amazingly talented, and has such an eye for great color which is a love of mine.

The one I wanted to showcase today is j.d. bell inc, or the firm started by Jason Bell. You may remember him from this designers challenge that was published in Domino.

So here begins my HUGE design crush, I am in love with all of these- take a look...

of course my favorites first- love the ORANGE!

I love these kids room so beautiful!

Hope you all enjoyed this- you can check out more at his website.
all pictures from j.d. bell inc.


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Great find. Love that white kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Really amazing portfolio!!

Haven and Home said...

I have not seen this yet. I am going to look for it right now. I am loving the orange too.

Lauren said...

oh so amazing!! i love seeing new portfolios!!(or new to me! ;)