Bargain Hunting

This weekend while shopping at Homegoods I noticed they have some pretty great lamps available. I'm not in the market for lamps, but when I am I sure will be stopping back here.

This was my favorite pair, I wanted to bring them home so bad

Do you ever see things that you don't need or have room for, but you want to buy and take home "just in case". Yea, this pink chair was one of those things.


kay* said...

oooh these are great. i love the cut out one & i immediately pictured the acrylic ones in a bedroom...or perhaps on a console - so elegant!

i'm actually in the market for a lamp - i'll have to check out homesense (our version of homegoods)

Jennifer said...

HomeGoods is so dangerous! I never go in looking for anything, but I always come out with something! sheesh.

Anonymous said...

oh, I freaking love homegoods!!

Julie said...

love those lamps and that store!!

KM said...

Dang, I wish I hadn't seen those lamps! Now I'm off to HG. Thanks a lot Linds!! lol

Anonymous said...

We have a chair like that at our Homegoods in Florida; only it was cotton candy pink and shaped a little different. I had to tell my S.O. to take my wallet so I wouldn't put it in the car :)

They're also great for home styling books, there's always a fabulous one on clearance :)

Have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

oh my goodness!!! we'll definitely be going there soon!!! thanks for the reminder!! (love all of your picks!!!)

paula said...

this is where my lamp addiction began. Such great prices for beautiful lamps.

Rachel said...

I love that yellow lamp, so so much!