Have one of these?

If not, you should totally totally get a grommet kit for your toolbox.

I use mine ALL the time, I find new things to do with it all the time. They come in these great color choices too. I didn't like the brass ones that my kit came with, so after a little searching online I found some pretty silver ones.

Here are some great reasons for having a grommet kit handy:

1. Put in the corners of your kitchen towels and hand/make-up towels for easy hanging.

I put one in the corner of all my white make-up towels- it's so much easier to be able hang it back up on the back of the bathroom door and not worry that is going to fall right back down on the dirty floor.

2. Have a golfer in the family? Customize any towel and turn it into a stylish golf towel to hang on their bag.

3. Doing home improvements? Have a grill that needs covering? Turn a plain tarp into a more secure one with the addition of grommets on each corner. Bonus, your husband would be impressed if you suggested this and even had the tools to do it with.

4. Turn any simple sheet or piece of fabric into a chic and one of a kind shower curtain

5. Same goes for window curtains too- or make a cafe curtain like Martha Stewart did here on the right

6. Last (and my favorite) is the hanging storage I made for all my wrapping paper. Since I live in an apartment there aren't many ways of storing lots of wrapping paper without taking up lots of space. I needed something to hang on the back wall of a storage closet.
Grommet kit, pillow case, and command hooks to the rescue!

Orange circles are shown in detail to the right.

Anyone else have other great uses for having a grommet kit around?

Check out HERE to see another of my favorite organizational tools.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Ive never added a grommet to anything but I think you just convinced me. Great ideas!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I am with Mrs. Limestone- haven't never used one! Great idea with the pillowcase/ wrapping paper!

from the right bank said...

How clever!

Unknown said...

great ideas - love the pillow case for wrapping paper - i may have to borrow that idea!

KatyO! said...

love those ideas!!

Haven and Home said...

Oh I have wanted one of those for a while. This post made me smile!