Lighting fit for a Vampire

No, not really vampires (please excuse me, I have Twilight on the brain). But these chandeliers from Brand Van Egmond, a lighting company based in The Netherlands, certainly look like they belong someplace dark and creepy.

I first saw their lighting at Neenas Lighting and fell in love with their crazy designs. Though I quickly realized it would stay a love from afar, as their pricing is a little out of my league.

Example, this $14,550 chandelier

Laced with Swarovski crystals- this is a true masterpiece.

Here is some more from their collection


Erin said...

I can totally see Edward and Myself dining under these lights.

Erin said...

Well, I would be dining he would just be glittering under the lights.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh you are totally right. Very fitting for a vampire's casa. Erin you beat me to the punch and was about to type the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I lvoe the black one with the roses!!!!!!!!!!

bkhinohio said...

I am with you re: Twilight. I just read all of the books and watched the movie!!

Now I think I'll go cyberstalk Rob Pattinson - oh how I feel 17 again.

Love your blog!!

from the right bank said...

They make the most amazing things! I would take that first one or the one in the bathroom in a heartbeat!

TexaninAlabama said...

My two favorite obsessions for the moment, Chanderliers and Twilight!