A Never Ending Crush

My crush on the iconic Eames chair began before I even knew what it was, back some twenty years or more. What I did know is that the foot stool could spin... it could spin really, really fast. I would lay face down with my stomach on the foot stool and spin, I would see how fast I could get myself going without wanting to puke. I can still specifically hear my Dad and Aunt (who owned the chair, it was her house I did the spinning) tell me and my brother, over and over, to cut it out, that it was an expensive chair and to stop horsing around! That warning stopped me for awhile, but time and time again I was drawn back to that beautiful chair.

Eventually I did grow out of my spinning phase, but I have never grown out of my love for that beautiful piece of furniture...more like a work of art really.

Sorry Aunt Beth for all the spinning.

Pictures from: corbis.com, HGTV, Indian by Design, living etc, and via Apt#34


Anonymous said...


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

You're too funny. I just got a funny visual of a mini you spinning around ignoring all the adults yelling at you.

KM said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to be that my blog friends have shown so much support.
On a lighter note, I LoVe the chair! And LoVe the idea of you spinning in it like a kid. Keep spinning!!

from the right bank said...

I've had a crush on this chair forever, too. I never realized it could also entertain children! I especially love the white one.

betsy devine and rachel mark said...

cousin linds,

i now have said eames chair. and i still take 'er for a spin every now and then.

xoxo cousin betsy

pve design said...

I would be right behind you, pushing and then waiting eagerly for my "eames spin!" One turn deserves another...and another!