Blogger's Favorite Everything: Pure Style Home


Featured today is Lauren from Pure Style Home and she needs absolutely NO introduction! Lauren must be the sweetest blogger around, and always has something nice to say to everyone. She just moved into her new house which she fondly calls the Treehouse- so be sure to to go on over and check out her journey decorating the Treehouse!

Here are a few of Lauren's favorite things:

Disclaimer *** lots of these are subject to change *** (this is from Lauren)

Lamp- Arteriors Home’s Tear drop Glass Lamps

Everyday dishes- Pottery Barn Great White Collection: (I love mixing them in with vintage dishes!)

Everyday glassware- The glass in the center of the pic below, but in all different brands.. It’s pretty generic (or should I say “classic?” ;) and I get them at thrift stores for a dollar or 2 whenever we need more

Candle/scent- I really love Yankee’s pumpkin pie jar candle in the fall & winter but always hide it when not in use because it’s so ugly!! hahaha

Design book- ooohhh tough one… I must give 2: Atlanta Bartlett’s At Home With White and Darryl Carter’s The New Traditional

Cleaning supply- eeek none. I hate cleaning. Sorry!!

Fabric- linen

Sheets- Pottery Barn white Organics… I’m a total sheet snob & these are “cool sheets” that never pill!!! Love them!!

Wallpaper- right now I’d say it’s probably Studio Printworks pineapple:

Coffee or tea- mint tea (on ice)

Color- green

Accessory- anything from the outside- flowers, greenery, branches, wood, etc.

Electronic gadget- Blackberry

Nail polish color- silver/whitish

Artist- can’t choose!!!

Flower- Queen Anne’s Lace

Comfort food- soup and grilled cheese (haha ok, now I have a serious craving!!!)

Alcoholic drink- mojitos and Woodchuck Cider!! (pear!!) don’t laugh!!

Writing utensil- pens, any pen… I steal pens unintentionally all the time, so I honestly never buy them and don’t know which brand is my favorite… (The gynecologist gave me a tons of pens one time because I said I liked the pen I was using- the kind with the squishy part on it- and it wasn’t until a year or so later when someone was using a pen of mine & was like “what is this ‘O Ring’ pen?!!!” and then we looked at all of then pens I had and they were ads for birth control & vag meds!!! hahahah )

Vacation spot- Corolla, NC in the Outer Banks

Heels / flats- I wish I could say heels but flats!!!

Room to decorate- Living Room

Magazine- Cottage Living… still.

Lipstick/lip gloss- burt’s beeswax

Designer- Darryl Carter

Organizational tool- “To Do” lists

Chair- Martha Stewart’s Stretcher Frame Wing Chair

China pattern- Bernadaud’s Promenade (Queen Anne’s Lace)

Handbag- my brown leather hobo bag

Towels- Restoration Hardware

Soap-Not quite soap but Crabtree & Evelyn’s Milk Soy & Sugar Bodywash (try it- you will LOVE it!!)

Current Trend- Natural Wood/ Raw Wood

I hope you all enjoyed the second round of Blogger's Favorite Everything featuring Lauren from Pure Style Home.

Thank you again Lauren for taking the time to do this during your move!!


Rebecca Corvese said...

I love that you asked all the everyday favorites. It's nice to hear what people are buying/using, because it spurs me on to try new things!

Rachel said...

I love this series, I might have already said that though. Going to check her blog out now!!

paula said...

great interview and picks!

alice said...

What an awesome series to start!
I loved reading through this in HB!

pve design said...

I love the ease of her style.
I love flats too and white china.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

You know I love Lauren so of course I loved this. Great series idea!

alison giese Interiors said...

LOVE this series! I always read the designer "favorites" in HB, and they're always so high-end, I've never heard of half of them! THIS I can appreciate AND relate to!
Obrigada, amiga!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I agree with Alison- it's much more fun to read about people our age in our stage of life so we can relate to their "favorites". Unlike HB which is sometimes unrealistic (for me at least).

Enjoyed reading about Lauren's picks!

Lauren said...

thanks so much lindsay!!! tons of fun!!

Haven and Home said...

Oh I love Lauren! She is the sweetest! What a great list, I am going to look some of these up!