Boston You're My Home

I finally got around to buying a frame for my Ork Boston poster that I got for Christmas. Its just one of those store bought frames so it doesn't have a mat like I would love it to have, but it will have to do for now till I can afford to have it professionally done.

It now has a home in my kitchen covering the ugly electrical panel- here is what it looked like before

Here is what it looks like hung up covering the gray panel

While I was doing this post I went to the Ork website to see if they had anything new and they now have this awesome Heart poster- I'm in love! I may have to find room on my walls for this one.


Anonymous said...

ohhh love it

Haven and Home said...

You would never know what was lurking behind it! I love it!

bms said...

I swear...Marianne knows everyone. I clicked on your blog with my husband over my shoulder and he wanted me to tell you that the heart poster is awesome:) he's in med school.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

ok, whoops...he was still signed in, don't be creeped out by a random boy comment

Unknown said...

love love love the ork posters. still waiting for the toronto one!