Chair facelift

It's time to re-cover the craigslist chair I picked up a long time ago. I kept telling myself it needed to be done but never got around to it. Well now that I'm in the right frame of mind to get it done, I need to pick out fabric for it.

Any suggestions on something that is plain and can go with my changes in decor and color obsessions? Also, anyone ever do this themselves and have words of advice or tutorials to share??


Anonymous said...

i totally stole a chair from my parents that is identical to this..and i want to get it upholdstered but my dad cant do it himself so im wondering how much itll cost..

Rachel said...

One of the blogs I follow, either Grace Happens or Centsational Girl are great blogs with tutorials!!

Good luck!

KM said...

hmm...fabric...depends on what you are going for. do you like neutrals? :) i think you do.
i am using a great linen from premier for my headboard i'm making (if you're on the cheap-$9/yd) and i really like it's texture and color. if you call them directly on the phone they are SO nice and will send you swatches right away!
or, you could go with a print since it's only a chair and not a whole sofa. that would be a fun punch!

pve design said...

If you keep the wood dark, go light on the fabric, a pretty neutral would look nice. If you go white on the wood, paint it white, then the chair would be so pretty in a color or a neutral, like a linen!
Great chair, and the pillow could be a pop of color!

LindsB said...

Kara and PVE- I was thinking of using a linen so its good to know someone else was thinking the same thing.

Now just have to figure out if I should paint it or not..ahhh too many choices :)

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!

Melissa said...

i recommend design*sponge:




good luck!

Bridgette said...

If you recover it yourself, When removing the fabric I would take pictures as I was going so to know where to put the new fabric and save the fabric that is removed to be used as the pattern. I think an oatmeal color linen would look great!

LindsB said...

Bridgette, I never thought of that- that is a great idea! It will def. save me alot of time putting everything back together- thank you!

LindsB said...

Melissa- I totally forgot about Design Sponge Before and After gallery, thank you for the reminder!! Those will be a huge help.

Anonymous said...

rainbow book shelf...color obsessions?! I think so! :)

Lauren said...

yes!! a lighter linen please!!