A Different Kind of Getaway

Ever wonder what it was like to sleep in a helicopter or a beavers den? Or how about a house made entirely of rocks? Even if you haven't you have to check out Winvian located in Litchfield Hills, CT. Winvian is made up of 18 completely different cottages designed by 15 different, very talented, architects.

I first saw this place on Chronicle's Main Streets and Back Roads and was hooked from the first cottage. This place is amazing, I mean why didn't I think of something like this? Each cottage is very different from the next and you would be guaranteed a totally different vacation depending on which one you stayed in. Look at me, I sound like a commercial for them, (Winvian if you end up reading this I'd love to come stay in one of your cottages and I'll promise to write more :) ) but seriously this place is awesome- I just wish there were more pictures on their site showing more detail.

Here are my favorite cottages of the bunch:

Helicopter Cottage- A 1968 restored helicopter is on the inside of this building, the architect who thought of this is genius! They have the pictures set up here for what looks like a romantic getaway, but could you imagine taking a little kid here- they would flip out. The inside of the helicopter is now transformed to what looks like a comfortable lounge, I think I would plant myself in that hot red chair to take it all in.

The Treehouse- My Dad built my brother and I a tree house when we were little and we would spend hours in that thing playing and trying to fix it up with a table and some curtains. I mean it was very well built and still standing today (my Dad is a contractor and perfectionist when it comes to building) but it doesn't even come close to this one. This is a two story cottage, suspended above the ground will a full bedroom, bathroom AND fireplace. This place is really a house to live out your childhood fantasies, its no Swiss Family Robinson house that's for sure.

Stone Cottage- This one is made of all rocks, just look at this place and its curvy roof. It would be like staying in a cave. The interiors aren't half bad either, I love how warm it feels in there with that rug and warm, rich colors.

Stable Cottage- I've never been on a horse and certainly not spent any time in stables, but this is one stable that I would love to take a visit to. I don't think I would find any hay or manure in this one. I love the over sized artwork in the bedroom.

Log Cabin- This would be a cottage I would have to visit in the Spring right about the time that sap is being collected for maple syrup, a traditional Northeastern tradition. I can just imagine sitting in bed eating a huge stack of pancakes or waffles covered in warm maple syrup- yum!

Industry Cottage- This one is my second favorite because I love that living room. The black wall, the rug, the coffee table- its all very chic and looks like a good party pad.

Greenhouse Cottage- This beautiful cottage is made to look like you are staying in an over sized greenhouse, hence the name. What a beautiful cottage, I could see this as the perfect mothers day present for yourself or your mom. Or how about a girls weekend away, I would love to get a pedicure in the great room on the bench with orange cushions.

Golf Cottage-
I dont play golf, but the BF does and he would love to spend a weekend away in this cottage. Actually if there is mini golf inside I would like staying here too, I mean who doesn tlike mini golf?

Beaver Lodge- Imagine staying inside a beaver den, minus the running water through the middle of course. But I would love waking up to that ceiling, its just beautiful. And did you notice the side tables next to the bed- they are made to look like they are growing from the side of the two trees- love it!!

There are 9 more very interesting and creative cottages too- to check out more go to their site.

Which one is your favorite?



These area all fantastic - it's so hard to choose but I think the last one is my favorite. It's so cozy and the setting looks really peaceful. That bedroom! That ceiling! I love it. I'm going to go check out the other cottages now. Have a great weekend, Linds!

Rachel said...

Hmm... probably the Greenhouse Cottage?? These are all so lovely!!

Waxy said...

I would go with any of the first three! That helicopter is awesome!

Windlost said...

Gorgeous rooms! I think I would take the greenhouse!

vicki archer said...

What an incredible place....think I would try out the helicopter, xv