The Future of Kitchens

I wish I could tell the future. Not only could I predict what numbers would be chosen in Power Ball, but I could predict which direction kitchen design is going next.

When buying/renovating/building a house the kitchen is usually top on the list of important features. Some people are the DIY types and some want move in ready. Well, my question is what is going to be the wave of the future in kitchen design and the next big thing with kitchens? What are people going to look for in kitchen features in the future?

We have seen the formica cabinets (lots of apartment dwellers still live with them)

The avocado green and the mustard yellow...lets not forget laminate flooring and oak cabinets

And other popular trends through the years: faux wood counter tops and cabinets, faux brick floors and walls, fluorescent lighting, and so on.

(All images above via thekitchendesigner.org, uglyhousephotos.com, stellman-greene.com and flickr)

Today we see alot of stainless steel appliances, white subway tile, white cabinets and granite and marble counters

(via Cottage Living and realestatelust.com)

Other items (I don't want to call them trends, even if they are, because who knows if they are here to stay) I see that are starting to become more popular in kitchens

Two different cabinet colors. Like Anne Turners from Cottage Living that we all loved

(via Erika at Urban Grace Interiors)

Black cabinets (a personal favorite)

(via farmhousemodern.com and oxygen.com)

Painted floors

(via Windsor Smith)

Open shelving

(via Domino and Martha Stewart)

So what I want to know is what is going to come back in style and be the next big thing in kitchens?

Will brass fixtures come back? (actually did it ever leave?)

(via Martha Stewart and Kennedy Hardware)

Will that avocado green come back in a modern update way?

(via Domino)

Will more color be introduced in appliances?

(via Blue Star)

Or colorful cabinets?

(via HGTV and myhomeideas.com)

Or no color at all like this all white kitchen

(via furniturestoreblog.com)

Maybe an update version of the 50's & 60's kitchen?

(via furniturestoreblog.com and flickr.com)

One thing that I hope will be a trend to stay in kitchens is using recycled and repurposed materials

Recycled glass tiles

(via Sandhill.com and Bed Rock Tile)

Counter tops and flooring made of recycled glass and concrete

(via icestone.com)

Counter tops and flooring made of bamboo

(via plyboo.com)

Lots of trends have come and gone, many make a comeback decades later and others are invented because the modern family evolving and their needs.

So, what do you think the future looks like for kitchen design? What trends do you love / hate?

Please share your thoughts

(sorry there are no links to all the pictures, there were way too many)


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Hmm not sure exactly what the future holds for kitchens, but I think color will be huge. In appliances especially. I think white will always be popular in style. It's just a classic look.

I'm loving the black cabinet look, but I think that will be a passing trend. I didn't see all of America loving that look, but I adore it!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Great, great post. I love kitchen design... And I am big fan of white. Don't know how practical it is- but I love it.

Don't know what the future holds. But I can handle most everything but the oak cabinets and vinyl floors!

livingwithstyle said...

I love this post, great job!
The white kitchens are great...and ohhh how I wish I had the right client for that PINK kitchen - amazing in the right space! Forgive me if I have sent you this before but here is my kitchen renovation. Before we has 1950's Turquoise Appliances!


better shot on my website!


Brilliant Asylum said...

This post was a trip down memory lane. I have no clue what is next with kitchens since it seems like we are still mid-shift to marble. Glad I don't have to remodel one right now!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I love kitchens! One day I'm going to design myself a big fancy one.

Lindsay @ Makely said...

Gosh, this is great! We really went back and forth when we bought our new stainless appliances about a year ago because we were worried that it would "date" our kitchen too soon. I hope not, but at least they are beautiful now!

I'm not a fan of the brightly colored appliances. Personally, it seems like a huge investment for something that you may want to change around soon.

Unknown said...

haha i love that pink kitchen. how totally chic! don't know how long i could live with it but i sure love the way it looks.

Daly Essentials said...

This is exactly what I was wondering too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE marble and stainless right now and thinks it makes for just the most beautiful kitchens, but what's next!? Defintely earth friendly,reusing will become more and more prominant.. but for someone who loves white, I'm actually thinking the colored appliances might be a fun move next.. and I wonder, could copper and bronze finish appliances ever become big?

mutima said...

i love the copper pots and pans put i think i would have them in a dark kitchen with a black marble work top. though the brass fitting look well in the all white kitchen