Garden party for everyone

I love Anthropologie, and while I do think some of their stuff is overpriced they do have great sales. Currently on sale are items to have an amazing backyard garden party- just picture hanging lanterns, good friends, cocktails and these:

I'd give my friends a fun place to sit in these beauties, I would do all white but a combo of both would be pretty too.

The chairs would be pulled up next to this beautiful table

On the table I would serve a delicious meal on these

And the table and chairs could be placed atop one of these colorful rugs

Surrounding the rugs in the rest of the backyard would be these planters filled with fragrant flowers and herbs to fill the air

And as the sun sets over my wonderful party, the evening would be lit by a few of these

Party starts at 8pm and you're all invited!

All images are from
Anthropologie and all items are on sale


alice said...

Love their things, especially those pretty chairs!
They'd look great indoors or outdoors don't you think?!?

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthro. One of my favorites. I think I may head there tomorrow and buy a dress I've been eyeing. I know I am on a shopping hiatus- but I can't resist!

pve design said...

As an artist, I love walking into Anthro and immediately feeling as though it would make a great studio for me. I would have everything I need - right there! You are right, the sales are great, and I just love the mix of things! Fun, fresh and full of flair!

cotedetexas said...

hi cutie- before you praise me too much - go read my blog tonight. lesson to be learned somewhere in it. hahahah

Haven and Home said...

I should just move in there...

Rachel said...

Um yes, I'd like to come please!! And I'll be wearing my new anthro shirt I just bought!

Windlost said...

Everything is lovely. We are just getting Anthropologie in Canada - a store coming near me (well, 3h drive!) in a few months. Cannot wait for a little road trip there.

Southern Aspirations said...

I'm there! Love Anthro as well...though gld to hear that someone else thinks it can be a bit overpriced. Love their sales!!