In fabric hell!

So you all know the story with my chair, if you don't go here to check it out. So I won, the fabric is off wooohooo! On to the next step, picking out a new fabric....and this is where I've come to a screeching halt!

WHY is it so friggin difficult to pick out a fabric to cover my chair in? Seriously, its not like I'm picking out fabric for the White House, and I'm pretty sure the Queen is not visiting my place anytime soon- so why can't I just pick one?? I mean, when my friends ask for help I have no problem picking out something in 30 seconds, but for me...nope, can't do it.

I've emailed Lauren, and she so nicely gave me some great advice and I thought I had something all picked out- but of course cant really be sure its the one. Now, I am re-covering this myself so I could, and will, probably be re-covering it again in the future but for now I'm stuck. I'm going for a more neutral look, the color is getting to me and I'd like more natural elements- see post here regarding that. So basically I have a white couch, dark brown leather chair, mushroom brown curtains and an Oriental rug

Oh, and the walls next to the fireplace are this color

Here are my options so far (thanks to Lauren for some of these ideas)

1. Paint chair white, put some bright colorful fabric on because the chair is a statement piece- use black nail head trim

2. Paint chair white and use a mushroom color fabric like the curtains I have and use black nail head trim.

3. Leave chair as is and use white fabric like the couch with black nail head trim.

4. Paint chair some bring funky color, like blue or orange, and use white fabric like couch.

5. No idea, stuck stuck stuck stuck (did you ever take a creative writing class and the teacher tell you to just keep writing stuck if you cant think of anything to write, I did- I think she was on drugs though)

So, basically I think I have the black nail head trim picked out and thats it. Ugg.
Sometimes I wish there was a fabric store with only 10 choices- then I would have zero issue here! Because now the issue of pillows for the couch comes up- what to do with those??

If you have made it this far, serious kudos for you- go get a drink....I certainly need one now. Or some wine...see previous post here.


KM said...

def #1!!! but i'm a print kind of girl and i think every room needs one. :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I just emailed you 6 suggestions. Either it will help or you'll just want to pull your hair out. Your welcome and Sorry all at the same time. :)

alison giese Interiors said...

Hmmmm....Is that the chair's permanent place of residence? I'm just thinking...something about the lamp might help you with your chair decision???I know,random, but...

Something tells me you should go with the white paint/mushroom fabric/black nail head trim THEN add some color in the form of a throw pillow (easily changed per season, etc) Also, paint the lamp base black and add a drum shade???

Just me? :)

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I'm all for painting the chair white. Not sure about the fabric. A fun print might work... add some interest! Even if it's a neutral print it would look great.

Rachel said...

Ok, I know this delimma you're talking about. I'm stuck on fabric and I'm not even covering a chair, so I really do feel for ya!! BUT, I think it'd look great painted white, mushroom fabric and black trim. It's simple and easy. You can always add a throw or pillows in colors for fun... good luck!!

LindsB said...

Thank you all for the great advice, seriously I didnt know this would be so much stress! I'm going to hit up some fabric stores this weekend to see if anything jumps out at me in person, shopping for fabric online is such a pain sometimes, you never know what the color will look like in person.

I'll keep you all posted!

Lauren said...

keep us posted!!! xoxo

ps- i KNOW you will find something amazing!!

Jennifer said...

I totally feel your pain -- reupholstery seems permanent, which is scary. It took me months to pick out fabric for my chairs. The fabric can really make the chair, so go for something fun.

Bridgette said...

I know where you are coming from, I find it easier to pick out things for others then myself.

I like choice #1. And I've always loved this fabric: