It's a dogs world!

The BF and I don't have any pets...yet. I want a dog so bad, but I know that it is a huge commitment so we are waiting till someone can be home a little more. While we don't have one yet, if we did we would be getting all of its food, treats and fun accessories at A Leg Up Bowtique & Barkery (how cute is that name!). Located in Bristol, Rhode Island this boutique and bakery caters to your four legged friends.

This adorable store is located at 54 State Street in Bristol- BUT they can also ship items to your home, yeah for those out-of-towners!

This little girl will greet you when you come into the store, her name is Chirpee. And of course your pets are very welcome to come into this store.

They carry such cute clothes- I know some people are not into that, but I LOVE the shirts they have available and can't wait to get some for my future dog.

They carry great lines of dog food.

Look at all of these great accessories you can get for your dog- from chew toys to cookie jars they carry it all

These homemade treats are made daily and are from organic ingredients- you gotta care about the health of you pet too.

I love those lab-licious oreo sandwiches- what a fantastic idea as a hostess gift or doggie birthday present.

Speaking of birthdays- these cakes are custom made for you. I love this tennis ball dog cake.

These knot collars are my FAVORITE. They were just featured in the June issue of Elle Decor in the What's Hot! section so you know they are very chic and in style.

Being a New England girl these collars are right up my alley- I cant wait to get the lobster one, or the skull and crossbones- I cant pick between the two.

lobster dog bowl- love it!

Can't forget a bit of home decor, these needlepoint pillows are beautiful. Ones like them were featured in Country Living last month, seen here

If you are in the area be sure to stop in and check out my new favorite store A Leg Up Bowtique and Barkery
PS- they have cat items available as well for all you cat people out there :)


Rachel said...

Stinking adorable! My husband I are "cat people" but how fun would this be?!?!

Anonymous said...

i am soo tempted to get a puppers..i want a little boston to name manning(yes, after the giants qb :)!

my "landlord" aka dad who does all the work in my condo, says no way jose

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

So cute! I'm love with those cakes and the knotted collars especially in the green and pink, but my pups are boys and Jon hates when I put them in pink. Hmm I may get them any way. I love it when guys where pink so why not do the same with my pups!

Lauren said...

so cute!!! i've been wanting a little embroidered collar for my ashby!!!!

love the pillows too- i found one at z gallerie that looked just like mmy dog!! (for $12!!)

have missed you so much & will email answers to the questions this week!! xoxo

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I heart dogs. Esp golden retrivers. Those collars are too cute.

pve design said...

now that is what I call puttin on the dog!
dogs are work but so sweet to come home to.
totally worth it! see marley and me if you have not already!

LindsB said...

Sweet Nothings- get a small dog, and tell him they dont make much of a mess :)

Camila- I say go for it with the pink, I love men in pink too- they always look so hot in it

Lauren- So SO glad you are back- and have I ever told you that I am obsessed with your dogs name, I think its so great I want to name my own dog that now. I swear I'm not a stalker haha :)

Patricia- I loved Marley and Me, although I cried from the opening scene to the ending credits, it was a good movie.

Haven and Home said...

I love stores like these. Every since I discovered one near our house I have been buying dog cupcakes for every dog owner I know. Somehow my zero spending goal goes out the window when I am near there.

alice said...

Love the knotted collar!
My dog is so fluffy that you can't even see his collar... which is sad because I don't end up buying cute ones since they're not visible, but probably good for my wallet :)

All said...

I read your blog when I need a little downtime, and was scrolling through when I found your feature on A Leg Up - my fave pet store! Your pics are great; and I love that you featured the Mascot collar! The collars come in different colors - my boy dog wears it in solid red with a white bone buckle.