My kind of souvenirs

The BF left for Asia this morning, he will be visiting 5 different countries in three weeks and to say that I'm jealous is an understatement! He is traveling with other MBA students from his class, they will be visiting many different companies while there and learning a ton.

Before he left he asked what I would like him to bring back for moi as the consolation prize for not getting to go. Well, I've never been to any of those countries so I did a little google search to see what goods each country was known for. Top of my list was some funky Jade jewelry, some Thai silk, artwork for our house and I'm blanking on the rest.

Anyway, it's probably be a good thing that I'm not going because we might have an issue getting items such as these back to the states

I love the worn red paint on this- its the perfect size to fit just about anywhere in my apartment. I think this one would find a home in the BFs office and would make a great storage place for some of his office supplies. Of course that means I'd have to get some fabulous curtains made with all the Thai silk I'd be bringing home, I can just picture his office now ahhhh perfection. This one is from William Ockham.

If a pair like these came home with me I'd be redecorating my bedroom within a week. I love the color and detail of these, they are just perfect! You can find this pair from Outside Downtown.

This would be a great sofa table for my apartment. With not much space this narrow table would be a perfect fit. It is from FS Henemader Antiques Inc.

I would LOVE to have my whole house filled with rugs like this one. I'd take home lots and lots in all different colors and sizes if I had my way. This one is from Contents Limited.

This Chinese Apothecary Cabinet is just beautiful and I bet I could fill each of those drawers with something in one of my organization rampages. This beauty is from Off The Wall Antiques.

This is from Assemblage Ltd. and would look great in my entryway or family room.

I know all of these items are not necessarily from Asia and could be reproductions but you get the idea, I would like some Asian furniture in my house-be it real antiques or reproductions I love the overall style of these items.

Happy beginning of Summer everyone!!

All of these items are from 1st Dibs
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Anonymous said...

id take any of these! i am looking at MBA programs like that, well once i try to retake the GMAT!

Laura Trevey said...

I really love the Chinese Apothecary Cabinet!! So cool!

just found your great blog ~~
Have a great weekend,


mutima said...

gorgeous items. i love apothecaty cabbinets esp. the old ones. i once saw a very little one in a magazine and though how grat it would be in the kitchen, filled with flavoured teas and spice tea ingridients like cinnamon and vanilla:)

Haven and Home said...

What a great trip! I can't wait to see what he brings you, especially jade jewelry! Love love love that rug!

Lauren said...

oh i can't wait to see what he brings you home!!! do you have lots planned for while he's away? i'm sure you'll miss him!!!