Back in the Day

I didn't take many pictures during the citizenship ceremony of the BF, but the ones I did take show the great detail, artwork and history that are behind one of the most famous buildings in Boston. The citizenship ceremony was held in Faneuil Hall. If you have ever been to Boston before, you automatically think Fanuiel Hall is an area with many buildings, shops and restaurants. But, only one of the buildings is actually Fanuiel Hall, the rest are Quincy Market, North Market and South Market.

Built in 1742 this building was used as a meeting place, the Hall has seen some of the most famous people and discussions in our countries history. In 1764 when the doctrine of "no taxation without representation" was established, 1773 when the protest of the imposed tea tax took place to start the Boston Tea Party, and where Samuel Adams rallied the citizens of Boston that began the revolution to gain independence from Great Britain. You can really see why Faneuil Hall is nicknamed "Cradle of Liberty."

As I was sitting there listening to the Judge and Mayor Menino welcome 405 new citizens of the United States, it really dawned on me what an amazing building to have chosen for the ceremony. So rich with history, I can see why this one building, in the middle of Boston, is so important to our whole country.

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This historical piece of art graces almost the entire front wall of the Hall, its massive and beautiful. Below, are the works of art on either side.
Mayor Menino saying a little something
After everyone was sworn in as American citizens this little boy (behind the podium in the yellow shirt) led the room in the Pledge of Allegiance. His mom had just become a citizen from India, he was so cute up there.
Here are some of the wonderful details of the Hall
I loved these light fixtures, there were about 15 of them on each side of the balcony
The large light and medallion in the center of the ceiling was so detailed, it was beautiful

Carved woodwork like this was everywhere you looked

I loved this old clock and the eagle sitting above it. It seemed very fitting that the eagle was holding a ribbon that said "e pluribus unum." In Latin meaning "Out of many, one."


Eli said...

I love the history in Boston. It's so beautiful!

Southern Aspirations said...

Beautiful! It just seems so appropriate to have the citizenship ceremony somewhere historic like this. Congrats to the BF too!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

that's so great. Congrats!

Haven and Home said...

Very interesting post, love the eagle.

Design Esquire said...

I love this post! I'm a lawyer in Boston, and they have the "swearing in" ceremony every year for the new lawyers in the same room. It's fabulous, and so full of history (I was a history major in college, so this is right up my alley). I'm so glad you were able to have a similar experience in there too. And congrats to your boyfriend on becoming a citizen!