Fabric Finder?

This weekend at the fabric store I found this little piece of fabric in the sale bin, unfortunately its tiny and has no name.

Does anyone know who makes this fabric? I'd be very, very grateful and your new best friend :)


Bridgette said...

Was there a selvage edge with any info on it?

LindsB said...

Hey Bridgette, I wish there was, because I would have found it already. It was just the pattern, so I have nothing to go by.

Bridgette said...

Okay, I've worked at a fabric store for 10 years and if I had to take a wild guess, it looks like a Greeff or Schumacher fabric? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I just happend across your site from Blueprintbliss and saw the fabric you posted. I work at an
Interior Design/fabric store and we have that fabric in one of our books.
It is from Duralee fabrics #41973 col:556 cocoa/almond.
Hope this helps!

LindsB said...

HEATHER- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are my new best friend, seriously I have been searching and searching for this and could not find it. So, again THANK YOU!!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

So fun that you have a new best friend! :)

Anonymous said...

omg i love it! and I love heather too for telling us how to find it!!

so excited to see how it turns out!!