It's the Little Things

My new ring pulls finally came and in five short minutes my TV stand got a little upgrade. Here is what it looked like before

And here is what it looks like now

(yes that is one ugly speaker in the front of the TV, the BF insists on having surround sound and having that speaker up front for all to see)

I also finally got some peonies thanks to my parents flower cutting garden - thank you mom and dad!

(FYI- The ring pulls came from Bellacor.com and were $3 each)


Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

The ring pulls look great.

And so jealous of your peonies.

Lauren said...

what a great change!! they're so pretty & such a sick deal!!!

Unknown said...

i really like the new pulls! i didn't think it'd make such a big difference but it does :)

Anonymous said...

great change, the silver finish looks better than the brass

Anonymous said...

I love the pulls! I've been seeing more of them lately, I might have to find some for myself!

Haven and Home said...

It is the littlest things isn't it?