Loving this...patio

My awesome Grandma saves her magazines for me once she is done reading them. Last time I was home she gave me a few and one of them was Southern Living's Before and Afters- the 25 best budget-friendly makeovers. I've tagged almost every image in there as my favorite but this one really jumped out at me...I wish I had a space like this to come home and relax in everyday after work...love it!
Love those giant planters with the boxwood balls, the curtains that probably flow in the wind and create such a soft atmosphere, the up-cycled benches that got a great makeover with outdoor fabric, the table...oh the table I just adore, and the wine. The wine might be my favorite part :)


bluehydrangea said...

Dang! Your grandma is hip! We call my sweet grandma Crazy Bama..enough said. I LOVE those planters!!!

paula said...

I so wish my back patio were covered. It is so hot already! happy weekend Jackie.


I would love a little covered area like this. It looks like the perfect place to spend an evening. Have a good weekend!