Loving This...X-Desk

I'm really loving these three desks- the lines on them are just beautiful. If I had an extra couple grand lying around I'd be sure to pick one up for myself. But, for now, they are just eye candy on the computer.

Beautiful leather top desk from Revival at 1st Dibs

Phyllis Morris Desk- this baby would run me close to 6k- whoa!
This one is from Milo Baughman at 1st Dibs, and its close to 6k as well.

This one is by far my favorite, because of the color of course! Desk by Milo Baughman found on 1st Dibs- and this little baby would run me close to 9k- like I said guess I will be loving it online and not in person.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah! Lindsay why oh why did you post that last desk. Now of course I want it and no other desk will every work in comparsion. You know my love for orange. It was meant to be. Maybe we can buy it and timeshare it?

Southern Aspirations said...

Love the last three, especially (yes I know there are only 4). Discovered a love for the X in design with coffee tables- Plantation http://store.plantationdesign.com/ has several I love.

MissBliss said...

these are cool!