When the BF and I first moved in together his one request was an office. I didn't mind in the least because he can be quite messy, so for him to have his own space was fine by me (I might have covered that already and could be repeating myself, so sorry if I am).

Well anyway, he picked out the desk and file cabinet all on his own. While not my first choice the desk I can live with, the filing cabinet on the other hand needs.to.go! Its not big enough for all his stuff, so when I'm sitting on the couch watching TV I'm distracted by the large mess in his office. Moral of the story= more storage needed.

Anyway, enough blabbing- enter this beauty:

A beautiful Steel Medical Cabinet from T L Gurley Antiques Inc at 1st Dibs.

When I found this I got to searching for other steel medical cabinets and now I'm obsessed- I must save for one- just look at these beauties:

I love the inside that is painted green in this one- find it here

I think I like this one for a bathroom- I would neatly fold my towels (in 3rds that is) and place them on the top two shelves, the other ones would be used to store items in baskets and trays for easy access. Find it here

This one would also look good in a bathroom- I like the smaller scale of it. Find it here

I love this for the office, look at all those drawers that could organize things?!? Find it at Get Back Inc at 1st Dibs
I don't see any shelves in this one, but I would get some glass shelves for this one and store some pretty white china in a dining room. Find it here

I love how this has the cabinet on the bottom for messy storage but also an open area on top, plus the black color is great. Find it here
I love how plain this one is, I would put it in a larger eat-in-kitchen or even dining room set up Eddie Ross style with some pretty china and serving pieces. Find this one here

My plan is to find one and get it in the office before the BF comes home- I know the chances are slim to none that I will find what I want- but its worth trying. And if the BF should complain about it, I will just remind him that he went on a world tour for the last three weeks and left me alone. And when I'm left alone I start redecorating- so its his fault :)



Great choice. And I love your plan for introducing it to the BF! That's totally something I would do. :)

Waxy said...

Yeah - get it in the office before he gets home - men are too lazy to move things - at least mine is!!!

alison giese Interiors said...

I think they are completely awesome - always have. You've got your radar out, you may just SCORE!

Lauren said...

hahaha love your reasoning!! They are all amazing!!!

Nikki said...

Hey there! Just a little plug that we sell them at the store. You can find them on our website or come by and see them in person.

Mrs. Limestone said...

I want one of these!!

LindsB said...

Hey Nikki, I'll have to come over and see them- thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

these are fantastic!

Haven and Home said...

I have been dying for a metal cabinet, let me know where the best deal is!