Disaster Area

This is the current state of my family room floor...yikes!

I have about 10,000 projects going on and they all seem to be going on at once. I guess getting all my magazines labeled and in chronological order was a bigger project than I thought...well a big project for this small space anyways.

Next up on the list:
-finish making the tags for the front of the magazine holders
-figure out where all these magazine holders are going to go
-which means re-arranging the shelves on either side of the fireplace
-get the AC in the window...better late than never
-hang the art the BF brought home from Asia that is currently living on my chair
-clean/organize my desk area
-vacuum the rug, once I can see it again

As you can see, I've got alot on my plate...I hope I can get it all in order soon, I'm kinda sick of looking at this disaster.

On second thought, maybe its time to move to a two bedroom apartment. That way I have a place of my own for these kind of projects and even better I would have a new place to decorate!!


Meg said...

I feel ya sister! Oh man, my life is a disaster too trying to move on Friday to our new house. You are so organized keeping your magazines. I've decided I can't handle trying to store them, so I'm going through ALL Of them and ripping out inspiration and filing accordingly, and pitching the rest. It's a chore. I have about 200 to go! And they are sprawled out everywhere!!! :)

Devon said...

Umm, when you are finished with this project, can you come over and help me organize my house? ;)

bluehydrangea said...

You have just made me feel so much better about my guest room which is covered in stuff!! Thank you!

Lovely Little Nest said...

haha oh gosh, that is a very daunting (but fun) list! I have a feeling our guest room/study is going to look like that soon because I'm planning on organizing our hundreds of books by color - yikes!

Southern Aspirations said...

Yes, the extra bedroom (or basement or office or whatever) is fabulous for only partially completed projects. We have far too many in this house, so I must admit your floor made me feel a little better. :-)

Christine said...

Happy to know I am not the only one who litters my tiny space when under going one of my "projects". If someone is unfortunate enough to stop to visit during the storm, I assure them it always gets very bad before it gets really good. Organizing is a messy business.


Oh thank you so much for sharing this with us! It made me laugh because this is pretty much what my studio looks like with too many things going on all the time. You totally should get a second room to spread out in - and to decorate, of course. :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah ok that picture totally looks like what is going on in my head! Too much. I have so many projects going on and not enough time. I just keep thinking about it and thinking about it. Hopefully I can cross some things off this list this week.

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

It happens to the best of us.

LindsB said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who lets my house get like this :)

Devon- I'd love to come over and help organize, Its funny because I LOVE doing organizing other peoples stuff more than my own!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

This is inspiring me to organize my magazines! I must tear out and purge... I'm not good about that. I'm only a pack rat when it comes to magazines.