Weekend Recap

Hello all! I had a fantastic time in Maine this weekend, the weather was amazing!! I cant believe after all this rain we had it was sunny and gorgeous for three days straight. I even got a bit of a sunburn, first time since... I don't even know when :)

Spent lots of time on the boat taking rides around the lake...it was so nice to be back.

the red boat house a few houses down from our old one

choppy waters one afternoon

found some beautiful lily pad flowers- they smelled amazing!

stopped on the way home and and had the most delicious lobster roll

Now I have to go catch up on the 400+ blog posts in my reader- hope you all had a nice weekend too :)


Rebecca Corvese said...

Maine looks beautiful. I just got back from the East Coast myself (Maryland and North Carolina). It was beautiful, but it's always nice to be home, don't you think? Thanks for your sweet comment on my post!

Haven and Home said...

There is nothing like a weekend at the lake!

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

Beautiful photos. Esp that flower!

Lindsay said...

What part of Maine?

I grew up right on the border between New Brunswick and Maine, and am taking a road trip through Maine next week while I'm home visiting. Any must stops?

LindsB said...

Lindsay- its up in Belgrade, Maine. The only places that I usually make the BF stop are either Freeport or Kittery for the outlet shopping of course :)

Lauren said...

heavenly!!!! i CANNOT WAIT to get to my dad's lakehouse after seeing these pics!!!!
huge hug!! (feeling emotional today hahah - your pics made me teary)

Melissa said...

sounds like a lovely weekend!