I See You

It seems like I've been seeing more and more glass domes and cloches incorporated into decorating. I know they have been around forever, so maybe its just that I like them more and more which is why they keep sticking out to me. I know this is not a new idea by any means but I still think its pretty cool.

Glass display domes were originally used in the mid to late 19th century as specimen holders in medical and apothecary displays. Apothecaries stored supplies needed to make medications in these glass containers in work areas.

They are used alot in taxidermy to display specimens. I'd maybe use this idea when decorating for Halloween with a faux animal, but taxidermy in my book=yucky!

The glass cloche or bell jar was originally used by the French and later adopted by the English and Dutch to protect early plants from the cold and frost.

Now often used inside as well for decorative purposes as well as creating a warm humid environment for certain plants

While the glass dome and cloche are still used for their original purposes they are used more and more to display everyday items in homes.

To keep dust off, little hands out or to make something look important here are some fun ideas

Some fun skulls turn important when they are under this glass cloche
Loving this faux owl
pumpkins for Halloween

piece of crystal as seen in Kevin Sharkey's office

Glass ornaments at Christmas time

blown out or faux eggs make a pretty black and white display

On a side table with some books and picture frames

make a small piece of coral look important

pretty paper butterflies (not sure if they are real or not, but I'm telling myself they are paper for the purpose of this example)

My reason for finding all these online:

I think this guy (a souvenir from the BF's trip to Asia) needs a new home!
Off to do some internet shopping.

Oh and if you know of any great online sources for a glass dome and base that won't cost me $$$ I would be very grateful if you would share. Thanks!

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alison giese Interiors said...

LOOOOVE the eggs, and generally everything BUT the stuffed squirrel! :)

Rachel said...

Hadn't really noticed these before! But, I love the eggs and the pumpkins!!

Rachel said...

Hadn't really noticed these before! But, I love the eggs and the pumpkins!!

Sarah said...

These are cool, have been seeing them around.

sabbephotography said...

I like. I could use some of those on my fireplace.

p.s. So I may work at this cute little bakery in the South End until the architectural world gets rolling again AND I thought if that does pan out...we may be able to do our little meet up thing there.

pps. was it Masa you blogged about going to in the South End? because a friend of our has us going there twice a week. 25 cent appetizers!!! and $5 sangria!! I might eat there every night when Bryan starts nights again. that would be a fun option too.

Is this the longest comment ever!?

Ms. Bright said...

Love small found objects under cloches! Don't love taxidermy!
Pier 1 had some decent sized ones a month or so ago...maybe try there?? I think they were around $20-$30. Good luck and can't wait to see the family room color all done! It looked amazing in your teaser shot.

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad when this taxidermy trend ends! But I love the cloche for other things. I think your buddha will live very happily under one :-).

I've seen them on sale in a lot of places, but haven't compared prices, sorry :-(

Matters of Style said...

Love this! What a great idea. Of course my cats would probably find a way to knock it over!

Yansy said...

I love glass domes. I was at Home Goods today and they had them for $10 each. I should have bought one but the BF has prohibited from buying anything for the house until we move. I did manage to pick up some yummy candles from Barneys.

MFAMB said...

the (ahem)paper butterflies are my fave.

Tricia said...

I've had my eye out for a large cloche to cover my ironstone dairy slab. Just did a similar post a few weeks ago but yours is much more thorough- great post!

deliciously organized said...

I love Kevin Sharkeys office and that little piece of crystal is perfect there. The coral is also my fav...love coral. I KNOW I saw these somewhere in Boston recently but I can't remember where...I'm going to guess somewhere on Newbury? I know, not helpful at all. If I think of it I will let you know. -carlee

Laura@JourneyChic said...

My mom has two of these that have a little hook inside to hold up my grandfather's pocket watches. She got them eons ago, but I think they came from the Wayside Country Store in Marlborough, right on Rte 20: http://www.waysidecountrystore.com/

Anonymous said...

The glass bells are a clever way to protect fragile items while on display. You're on the right track.

BTW, what ever happened to Kevin Sharkey's web site? He hasn't posted for a long time.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

That stuffed squirrel just freaked me out!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Kevin is posting, I made a mistake.
Frankly, don't really care for the newly refinished floors he had done, but he is the expert.

Lauren said...

love them!!! am always on the lookout for cheap ones but they're tough to find!! will have to go check out home goods now!! so glad youposted on this