Organized Mess

Since everything else in my life is organized you would think that my bag is too. Quite the contrary actually. Well let me rephrase that, its an organized mess.

Case and point

The paper contents of my bag.

I carry a notebook at all times. This "Whatever" book is laminated and held together with clear packing tape, classy! I use it to make lists, to-do's, blog ideas, decor ideas, craft ideas, and to make lists of lists...you get the point. There is also a smaller notebook, bills to get paid, old photos, paint chips, fabric samples, and my handy dandy coupon folder where I keep all my awesome CVS extrabucks :)

Looking for something to get all these things in order I came across Graphic Image. They have some pretty great things that could keep me organized AND uber stylish at the same time. I am smitten.

My favorite is the Refillable 7 Notebook. The leather would sure last me alot longer than my packing tape book for sure AND its refillable for years and years of chic note taking.

How did I not know that there are such things as leather envelopes?? I must be living under a rock because I would have known that these awesome things exist and not just in my dreams.

If you are the date keeping kind of girl and still like to hand write things (I DO!) these fab 2010 calender books are just for you. I don't own a blackberry, iphone, palm or trio- call me old fashioned but I love to write things down and cross them off. Hey, any sense of accomplishment these days is great :)

Hmmm, now to figure out how I want to reorganize my organized mess with one of these stylish bag accessories.

How do you keep your bag contents organized?

(all photos and items from Graphic Image)


Anonymous said...

So, I have been looking for one of those envelope wallets since I saw them in Lucky last year. The only problem was that they were about $200 so now I can order me one of these :)

Anonymous said...

Without my kate spade planner, i would die. and cry. literally. my life is in there.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I have a plan ahead planner. I have to get a new one each year- it's not refillable (spiral bound).

They have the leather planners like the ones you posted most of the time at TJ Maxx. They always have fun colors, too...

Jess said...

I love the colors they offer, great find!


Oh, I love leather envelopes! It's one of those things that I can't get enough of or live without. They're so pretty and useful!