More Information Re. Help Please

Regarding my post yesterday, this information should help
click to see big
(I know my drawing skills suck, I don't do this for a living (yet) and I just sketched this in 2 min, it's nothing fancy and not to scale)

Area of discussion is where the red arrow is. Some things to keep in mind:

1. The TV stand is wood as seen here:

2. On the other side of the front door is another table...yup you guessed it, its the same wood tone.

3. Bookcases are this color (color is Benjamin Moore Deep Ocean, 2058-30)

4. Coffee Table is brown- see above

5. Chair next to office door is a dark brown leather

6. Curtains are a mushroom brown with white trim

7. Oriental rug is this color- picture is from when I was in the middle of a craft session...don't mind the mess, thanks

8. Couch is white and the only pillow that is a permanent fixture is my Chiang Mai Dragon pillow- LOVE IT!

9. Chair next to the TV is White and getting ready for a new fabric- most likely a linen- BUT CAN BE CHANGED IF IT SHOULD "GO" WITH THE TABLE

Here is the new picture of the area in question...I just realized its not much different from before :)

I know this is a design blog...but I need a fresh set of eyes (and we all know the BF is no help). I just don't have a large budget by any means, so I'm thinking a makeover a la Jenny from Little Green Notebook is the way to go

So, give it to me, I can take it. If you suggest a color for the table- what color do you suggest? If you suggest having it match the paint on the side chair, again what color and what color fabric? Should I just leave things alone and stop stressing about it?

Open to suggestions...what do you think?

PS-Have I told you that I love my blog readers/stalkers/friends lately...if not, I do!


Kristin said...

Okay, I have a feeling this is going to be absolutely no help, but here it goes.

1)Is the chair right by the table... or will it be, rather?
2)It would be nice to have a change since a lot of your furniture is dark wood (all of mine is too!!! I want to throw in something different with a credenza or some sort of side table.)
3)Will the white provide enough contrast from the wall or will it all blend in?
4)If the chair is going next to the table, how does it look with the chair being white and the table not? Is there another color that you could paint the table so that it's not dark, but still provides a contrast from the wall and chair?

So, as I've said before, I really AM NOT good at design, but those would be the things I would consider. Good luck!!!

Ms. Bright said...

LindsB! Love that you labeled your "crap" in the room. Awesome. We have some too!

I still stand by my previous comment. I almost think the deep dark murky peacock blue would be killer!

I guess maybe I qualify as a stalker/lurker?! :)

Hopefully you'll get the perfect comment from someone that will put this right for you!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Totally agree with Ms. Bright. I was going to tell you to use left over blue paint from the bookcase project. That's what I would do!

paula said...

Now I say paint it! The blue would be divine, but if you want to go more safe (like I always do), go anew gray by sherwin williams. It's light and fresh like white, but it will have more depth.

oh, and I have a giveaway on my blog.

Ann Marie said...

I vote for painting it that awesome blue color from your bookcase!!!

Caitlin said...

I think painting it is the way to go. I would pull out a blue from the painting similiar to the small pattern tealish pillow on your sofa.

Or take the blue paint from your bookcases, but mute it down with more white paint.

Lightening this color will give your room a more layered and eclectic look. I think using the exact same blue would be too matchy matchy.

Fargerike Dagny said...

I'm still agreeing with myself from the previous post - peacock blue! :) The fabric could be striped in one of the colors from the chiang mai cushion?

Lauren said...

love everyone's suggestions for the blue... and I also like the wood too. either way I think it's great. (it looks good in the pic!!!!) sorry i'm no help!! ahhhh

and i wish i was clsoer to boston!!! you guys will have so much fun!!!! we will have to do one when i'm not preggers any more and try some of your tequila!!!!!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

the crap area is cracking me up.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

ps. I have a box of scales a vendor gave me at my last job. I am using most of the with my Urban Scholars kids, but I'll bring you one Wednesday...then you can draw, to scale, all day long:)

LindsB said...

Stephanie then I can draw my crap to scale all day long :)

hahaha, thanks that's an awesome present!!

LindsB said...

Thank you everyone for all of your advice...a fresh view on things is ALWAYS good in my opinion. I can give advice all day long on others houses but when it comes to my own, I need major help. So again THANK YOU all!!

All said...

I've nothing against Jenny from Little Green Notebook (her re-do's are adorable), but I think you can manage a revamp without having to pay for advice.

My advice, and I have absolutely no qualifications, is to continue some of the Deep Ocean color to add harmony. I would paint that wonderful little side table... think brown (like the color of your side chair) legs and Deep Ocean shelf and top with possibly a piece of glass over it. Then get rid of the yellow pillow and add in some Deep Blue/ Peacock accent pillows. It's an easy re-do for Fall.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Funny, before reading these comments I was also thinking you should go with the blue on the table. So I'm glad that I wasn't off the mark. :) I, too, have tons of dark wood in my living room but as of now don't have a good accent color.