i love...

...literally every single thing about this room.

I love the pair of orange chaise lounges.
I love the pillows on the orange chaise lounges...especially the zebra ones.
I love the large bird art.
I love the artichoke lamp.
I love the table the artichoke lamp is on.
I love the natural rug.
I love the color of the wood floors.
I love the potted plants in front of each window.
I love the bamboo blinds.
I love the drink fridge in the built ins...I mean whats better then curling up
with a good book and not having to move to get a drink- love it!
I love the chocolate brown throws at the end of each orange chaise lounge.

See, I told you I loved EVERYTHING about this room. Did I miss anything?

(photo from
HGTV Green Home 2009)


Design Esquire said...

The room is so fun!

And I just saw that you won the giveaway from Living with Style - congrats!!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Great room- it all just works together!

Anonymous said...

I love it too! The bird art is probably my least favorite but I wish I could just sit in one of those chairs.

Did you forget about that white thing behind the orange chair on the left? I can't tell what it is but I like it too!

"Blossom" said...

I like it all too; I don't usually use any orange except at halloween
But this is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You missed the awesome plants that really make the orange pop! I really like the double chaise-lounge setup. I wonder if it would be entirely selfish of me to set this up in our living room (not exactly guest-friendly)! It looks so comfy!

MFAMB said...

but do you LOVE that big empty wall? cuz i don't. everything else though is yummy. and that's saying something for hgtv.

LindsB said...

Lilah- I say go for it, I mean you are the one that lives there 99% of the time right?

LindsB said...

Jenny of course you have to go and point that wall out...I didnt even notice it before :)

you are too funny!

deliciously organized said...

Yes, it is missing me lounging with wine! I love this set up. I'm so into it. I'm with you though, I think this room is fabulous. The stylist definitely sold me on the pillows and blankies. And the drinks so close? Magical!

LindsB said...

Emily, I did forget about that white thing, I think it is a sea fan or some kind of coral. I like that too :)