Cyber Monday

Today is the hottest online shopping day of the year, better known as Cyber Monday. It was named that because when the internet first came out households mostly had dial up connections. Shoppers would wait till Monday morning when they were back at work with a faster internet connection to do all their online shopping after Thanksgiving.

Already I have emails from Banana Republic, JCrew, Gap, Victoria Secret, Ballard, Kate Spade and more with coupon codes and specials to use today. My credit card should be frozen in a block of ice, uh oh.

Anything in particular you are buying today?? Did you go shopping on Black Friday and get any amazing deals?? Do tell.


carlee {deliciously organized} said...

I have yet to purchase anything online today! It's still early though!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I got some great deals on Friday at Michael's & JoAnn Fabrics, didn't know what Cyber Monday was until this past week...don't know where I have been. What is next?!?


Living It At Home said...

I never knew that...where have I been..definately living under the "stay at home mommy rock"!

Anyway, I love to give gifts. I have already taken care of my Mom with a bracelet from Gilt Group (first time), my Sister with a pair of never before owned knitted Uggs and also my neice with Uggs.

Still have many more to go. I have seen many coupons and will take advantage of them!
Thanks and safe shopping~


Abbie said...

I opened my email to about 30 emails about deals/specials. I went through and hit delete without reading a single one. It was just too overwhelming. Plus, with our wedding, wood stove and honeymoon expenses all this year, I'm definitely scaling back this holiday!

Lauren said...

too funny- i totally bought stuff today!

i didn't make it out on black friday but was at the mall on sat- pretty insane & did no shopping ONLY EATING.. mmm mmm... tried to see new moon but by the time i ate i was too tired. ahhhhh pregnancy!


Rachel said...

We did go out on Black Friday - early early early!!
We thought we'd be sneaky and get Chris' brother in law a free Lego Rock Band from Old Navy (LRB is on his list) - but it was CRAZY!! Who knew that $15 sweaters and Lego Rock Band was so popular!! So, we skipped that, but I did manage to score an oil-filled portable electric radiator heater for $20. I was very excited about that because hopefully it'll help to reduce our bills! I'm a dork - yes. Hubby got a programmable remote from Harmony at Best Buy -he spent the next day playing with it and setting it all up, so he was happy.

But no big shopping on Monday... :-(