Old Bags Birthday

Its this girls birthday today

You might know her more like this though

Its a pretty special day for her and for this special day I thought I would give her some pretty special gifts...lots of special for sure

1. A sweet Edward poster to look at everyday
2. Twilight to watch Edward on a daily basis
3. Very baggy pink sweat pants to watch the movie in....since we all knows what those are for.
4.The big pink puffy couch she posted about, which I think is heinous, but since its all about her I figured I would give it to her :)
5. A pimp cup...well since she is the queen pimp biatch and I love her for it
6. a diamond mouse so she can write her new gig in style
7. Puppies and kittens, well since they are just so damn cute
8. A Carrie doll and lots of horror movie DVD's since she LOVES horror movies

I would just like to say that my day would be very boring without her and I LOVE everything she writes. I don't know her in person, but I have a feeling that we would be best friends forever, total BFF's.

So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my funny, fabulous friend Jenny.



Fargerike Dagny said...

Lol, you got her the tampon couch! Great collection of gifts though!! (except for the Ring, it gave me trouble sleeping for weeks after watching it!)

Happy bday Jenny!!

deliciously organized said...

Happy Birthday to Jenny!

MFAMB said...

ha ha haa!!! i love them all. that doll is hysterical! gross and creepy but hysterical.
thank you so very much linds for your love and support. it means so much to me. you are an awesome person and i believe too that we would be BFF's.
this has been the most awesome birthday ever, really. i feel so full of love i can't stand myself. in fact if i see one more picture of myself i think i might throw up on my computer.
i am so lucky. so so lucky. and beside myself with utter disbelief!
you all are so dear to me.
thanks a billion trillion!