on the hunt

I'm always on the hunt for fun fabrics.  Of course I LOVE all the super expensive ones but sometimes most of the time they don't fit in the budget.

I'm loving these new styles and colorways from Premier Prints and at less than $12 a yard, you can't go wrong!

Hmmm, now to decide what I can use these for.  I feel an order coming up soon.

Happy Friday everyone!


Karena said...

Oh I really love these what a bargain!! Love the first especially!!

Art by Karena

Julip Made said...

Oh love that pop of teal in the last one and it's within budget. Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

Ms. Bright said...

gotta love premiere prints!
I'm so glad they've started adding some gray/white options!!


Katie said...

I actually just picked up the Suzani print in yellow to make curtains for my living room. Love it so much!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

oh i love that purple choice!

meghan said...

Between reading of Dwelling and Telling making pants into skirts and seeing these fabrics, I'm feeling this yearning for a sewing machine and the ability to sew. This is a new and unknown feeling to me and I'm unsure of how to deal with it. I'm planning on spending a bit of time reading blogs today and with many more posts like these I'll be the proud (and unskilled) owner of a new sewing machine by tomorrow...

Where did you learn to sew? Is it hard?

Andrea said...

Actually Spoonflower is getting some great affordable fabric. Enter something like "upholstery" or "pillow" into their search box and you'll find some amazing options from up and coming designers! Even ikat!