tug on these rocks

I had some extra rocks laying around from one of those 239407543 box projects I did and they just spoke to me one day.

They told me that they wanted to be made into a new drawer pull for my bedroom since the one I had there sucked

it had to die

So i had the rocks, but nothing to attach them to so I could rig up a poor mans Eduardo Garza pull

Light bulb!

I'll just fill in the holes and drill a new one so that I can create my own pull

After this I forgot to take photos of what I did.  oops

Basically I filled in the holes, sanded it down, slapped a coat or two of white paint, drilled a new hole, inserted a long screw, and glued those rocks on.

Now that I think about it, I should have painted the button gold- a la Garza.  Damn you Lindsay.

Anyway, here is my poor mans Garza pull

and the same thing at a wonky angle

Now that I see it again, I need to go back and paint it gold...yeah gold would make it pop.

I know you want tug on those rocks!


Chic Coles said...

Love this idea! I am in the process of finding new drawer pulls for a dresser I just painted and instead of spending a lot of money on drawer pulls from anthropology, I should try a diy project!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

The color of those rocks is fantastic, and yes - gold would be the icing on the cake! Er, drawer pull. :)

pve design said...

Guess you are still on the honeymoon....you rock lady!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Yep, gold would realy make it ROCK! I mean pop!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

what a cool idea- very clever!! :)

Anonymous said...

love it:)

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Love it!!!


alma@my-moratorium said...

Just found your blog via k.f.d designs. Love your ideas! xoxo

Full House said...

Seriously Linds I am copying this for sure. Pure genius I tell you. Now I am on the hunt for some rocks. Thanks for the inspiration.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

This is brilliant. You are my DIY idol.

North of 25A said...

Anyone that puts rocks & buttons together in a DIY project should automatically get their own show on HGTV!

MiriamR said...

I Love this! What kind of glue did you use may I ask?

LindsB said...

Miriam- I cant remember the exact name of the glue...I'm so sorry! BUT, if you go to Michaels (or any craft store) and head to the glue section, just look for a glue that says its ok for wood AND stone. I want to say that it might have been a jewelry type of glue that I ended up using.

Pink Sun Drops said...

So very creative! Who would've thought rocks and drawer pulls would go together?! Found you from Full House!