Lesson #1 and a new skill

Lesson #1- and the ONLY lesson that should be on repeat in my ADD brain- MEASURE, and MEASURE again (and once more if your name is Lindsay) before cutting any fabric, wood, string, ribbon or floss for that matter.

Despite what I wrote in my ottoman post, the sewing project was not without its hiccups.  All that pretty orange piping I made and painstakingly pinned around the edge, being ever so careful to do the perfect job on my first big girl sewing project was a big, fat, FAIL.

Why? You ask. See Lesson #1.

When I measured the 15x15 top, that really meant 15x15 and NOT 15.5x15.75. The top of my slipcover was too big. oops. 

In between screaming expletives and throwing things I realized that I could turn my big, fat FAIL into a new pillow.  I saw the light.

look how pretty

If I'm being honest, the light came a few days later and I did find my mistake balled up in the corner of the family room.

But at this point I was fresh faced and ready to make my frown turn upside down.  I even took out the instruction book that came with my sewing machine and taught myself how to make BUTTON HOLES.

How did I not have this skill before?  I want to put button holes in everything now!

one more picture because I'm so proud

Look, orange buttons! Shocker, I know.

So my friends, that is Lesson #1 and how I turned it into a new skill.

Mr. Elephant wanted to pose with the pillow.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

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Unknown said...

Those mistakes are the worst. I had a week of them last week! I find it so hard to come back from them and start over/complete my project. Good for you for not only finishing but getting creative with your mistake!

Unknown said...

Oh and I love the pillow....pink with orange!

H.G. The Countess said...

Some mistakes are meant to happen, the pillow is amaze!

Karena said...

It turned out beautifully!! Bravo!!

Art by Karena

Miss B. said...

Oh congrats! It looks so professional, love the piping, the button holes and of course Mr. Elephant!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Wow--great work! I am HORRIBLE at sewing!

A Dance With Grace said...

I love it! Just perfect!

Gillian said...

That pillow is awesome. Love your ottomans as well. Any chance you know the name of the fabric or the company?

lizziefitz said...

That makes this story so much better. I love how your brain was trying to fix it's mix up even for a couple of days. makes me think you were probably even dreaming about it, ha. love the new pilllow with buttons.

Karen said...

Way to make lemonade girl! I'm so impressed that you figured out button holes, it's on my someday-learn-this list.

Anonymous said...

Happy Ending!

I believe many artists call those moments, "Happy Accidents" - yours turned out beautifully - and the surrounding decor is divine.

Happy Saturday!


elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

It turned out beautiful, all great projects have their "hiccup's" along the way (at least mine seem to).

LindsB said...

Gillian- so sorry I didnt get to this sooner- totally forgot to answer you here :)

I wish I had the name of the fabric for you! I got it at a local discount fabric store and they never have names or anything like that listed. If I see it there again I will be sure to ask if they know who makes it.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Buttonholes!?!?! I thought you were a beginner?
I'm seriously impressed. The pillow looks great!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Great job! Love the piping. I may have to look around more on your blog (which I love) and see if there is a piping tutorial. I haven't gotten that far in sewing yet. haha.

LindsB said...

haha, no piping tutorial yet- I totally just winged it and really had no clue what I was doing. I did alot of online searching though. There are some really talented sewing ladies out there who can help :)

casey at loft and cottage said...

The button holes look amazing! I'm very proud. And jealous. I need to learn how to make them too.