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A few weeks ago I was helped my parents clean out their attic.  Basically my Mom wanted to clean out my entire existence and toss anything that was there.  Her thought was, if it's there I must not want it.  Umm, HELLO Mom those are my precious memories from growing up, you will NOT be just tossing them out.

So enter the 2 days of cleaning. Blah.  My boogers were black from all the dust up there.  I should have been wearing a mask.

Anywoo- that's besides the point.  I got my stuff cleaned up and found a few treasures in the process.  One of those being a box of awesome 80's earrings!

Oh the possibilities!

I decided to be boring and make some new magnets for our ugly apartment grade white fridge.  Lipstick on a pig?

Here is my trusty glue

I think I got this kind because it said "non-foaming".  I liked the word foam. Weird?

I got to work ripping the earring posts off the backs, and after I was left with pretty 80's jewels that I could add magnets to.

Its really hard to let it just sit there and dry.  I won't even tell you how many times I though it was dry and starting playing with it, only to find the magnet pop off in 2.2. Pea-brain.

FINALLY all dry.

And here are 3 of them in action.

cute note, I know.  To be honest I didnt know what else to use for these photos.  If I showed you the 234,906 take out menues that are usually up there you might call Jillian Michaels on my ass.

And to end my magnat post, here is a magnet montage

Happy Thirsty Thursday people!


MissBliss said...

This is perfect! Finding them is amazing enough and then to turn them into fridge magnets!

I remember one particular pair of my 80's "dangle" earrings very well: dark pink, almost magenta, shall we say, feathers. Not actual feathers or fake feathers, a pair of plastic molded renditions of feathers.

Oh the 80's. Great post!

pve design said...

I keep telling my Mom to keep those circa ice skates and ballet shoes....now I am thinking of what I can create with them!

Brita said...

The magnets are cute, but your stationary is ADORABLE! Where did you find something so lovely?

April of Smidge Of This said...

So dang creative, I love it! And I agree with Brita ... could you let us know where the fabulous stationery is from??

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Cute idea! love the stationary too!

Anonymous said...

You have the funniest posts!

Holly said...

Cute idea! And might I comment on he intensity of that glue bottle? GOO

lizziefitz said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane . There was a Christmas that my mom got me every color earring imaginable Grey was the hardest to find and I wore them constantly;)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I want to see the hair that originally went with these beauties!!

MissBliss said...

good point Stephanie! :)

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Fancier and more meaningful than the magnets i made from our favorite beer's bottle caps! :) Love how you turned memories into magnets, awesome.

Ada @ NY said...

Awesoem DIY magnets!!!! gazillion menus huh? .. me too! I think Jillain woudl YELL at me too :)

Max Hayslette said...

Love the stationary. Fabulous idea.

LindsB said...

April, sorry for the late response on this one- the stationery is from LLD designs- she is amazing!


Katie said...

Love this idea. If only my grandmother's crazy costume clip-ons weren't falling apart.