Wall Icing

So you know how I'm working on my brothers new apartment, well one of the major things he needs is some art on the walls.

The space is so sad looking, but with a next to nothing budget it doesn't leave much for the art portion.  Enter my awesome DIY ideas (ok, not mine but other bloggers DIY ideas- I've got to give credit to all the talented and creative people out there- so here is the credit)

Here are a few I'm thinking of trying

Danika to the rescue (she's always to the rescue lately, that woman is amazing!)  She did her sons room in these extra large MA state inspection stickers and I AM IN LOVE!

Kishani Perera- love this art and the DIY version could be really cool.  Now I just the bro to come up with a saying, quote, song, something that I could stencil like this.

That Rita Konig (from Domino, may she rest in peace) really knows her shit.  Yes, I just said shit on here- oops.  Love that wall of photos over the fireplace.  I bet I could get the bro to agree to this.

Not sure where I got this image from, but I love the idea of hanging rows of wire and clipping art to it.  Really cute for a playroom, but a 26 year olds bachelor pad could also be considered a playroom and therefore be a good idea.

John and Sherry of Young House Love really do have some cute ideas.  I love this magazine blow up of the letter of their last name.  Frame it in an Ikea frame and I'd be good to go.

So what are some other ideas I'm missing here?  Remember, the cheaper the better!


Anonymous said...

Hey - love your blog. You're right about the interior designer of Molly Simm's place (second picture from the top), but the amazing song lyric art is by the talented Matthew Heller. Hope that helps!
- Danielle
other-option AT hotmail DOT com

MissBliss said...

The photo collection would be great for conversation at the bachelor pad parties :)

Ada @ NY said...

All are so creatively good! My fav .. Rita's - she is awesome!!!! Her room lloks casual yet sophisticated - i love it! I look fwd to seeing what u implement for your brother's apt.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

My favorite is the state inspection stickers! They look amazing against the blue wall...I love the color! And this seems very bachelor pad appropriate!

Danika Herrick said...

Thanks for the shout sweetie! ANd I love the 80's earrings. I just found some great ones at a thrift store.

Anonymous said...

I did a gallery wall of random stuff behind my husband's bar in his man cave. posting pics tomorrow. will send you a few via email. love your blog. xo.