A different kind of wall color

I really enjoy a good gallery wall.  I'm working on re-vamping my hall art wall and would love to add some more colored matting to what I already have.  Since I live in an apartment and the walls are boring white (yes I can paint, but since I don't know how much longer we will live here I've just lived with the white) adding some colorful mats is the perfect way to bring color to a bland hallway.

For a clean unified look I could do all the same color mats, although this is a little too perfect for me

love these colors, but it may be a little too in your face color

Love this one.  Although the walls are green and super fun, its not matchy-matchy at all

The following 3 photos are from Thomas Cary's apartment as seen from NYSD (you can see it HERE)

IMO its a massive panic attack waiting to happen.  I would start shaking and might need to turn right back around and leave...if I could find the door. Although he really does have some awesome treasures, to fit everything I think he might need 10,000 more square feet.

Anywho- he has some really cool colored matting going on

purple, green, orange, yellow...oh my

And of course from Lonny- they just do everything right and this fun gallery wall is no exception. Red isn't my favorite color but this wall is making me want some red mats.

What's your favorite color matting to use for art?  Are you a Plain Jane or do you like to spice it up?

(photos from:Coastal Living by Annie Schlechter, Martha Stewart, Pinterest Thomas Cary from NYSD by Jeffrey Hirsch, and Lonny)


JMW said...

Love that green room with the varying sizes of frames, featuring paintings, photos, etc. Great space!

pve design said...

It all depends. I do love color but I also love white mats.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I have one frame that I want to add an acid yellow mat to.. but wasn't sure if it would look good until I saw this, great post!

Emily | Recently said...

I'm usually use all white mats, but this makes me want to rethink that! That Lonny wall is fantastic!

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I'm totally a white mat person -- but those lavender ones look really awesome

Hazel from Hazel Loves Design said...

I'm all for matchy-matchy with the colour coming from the images within the frames! (But that's just me)

:) Hazel

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I am a plain jane. White mats all the way!

Fran said...

I haven't tried colorful mats, but definitely want too!! So fun!

Katie - House Rules said...

I really love that green wall. Such a great color!