Art Help

Calling all my blogger friends...I need help.

(And yes, if you know me in real life you know that I need more help than blogger friends can help me with.  Hardy har har.)

I have a large gallery wall in my hall and a few empty frames.  Yes I know that art is supposed to be meaningful and gathered over time, BUT I'm looking for a few fun and colorful prints to add to the collection.

I've found a few front runners so far, but there are MILLIONS out there and I can't possibly find them all myself.  So I'm cheating and asking my super smart readers for your favorite Etsy sellers (or non Etsy sellers) of fun, inexpensive, color filled, art. 

Did you read that part about inexpensive?  I'm not Mama Warbucks.

Ok, so far these are the front runners:

a custom Massachusetts map from Etsy seller LilyGene

the beautiful LOVE poster from the awesome Jen from MadeByGirl

cutie Mr. Elephant from Etsy seller berkleyillustration

Although, I already have the most amazing elephant on the wall from the sweet and super talented Patricia from PVE, so I'm thinking it should stay special and be the only one.

I grew up spending my summers in Maine and I love this Maine Harbor print from the Etsy seller betsymclellan
So that's all I have.  This is where you people come in.  Help a girl out.
Who are your favorite Etsy (or non Etsy) artists out there? 
Have you purchased any meaningful art lately and if so where?
PS- thanks in advance everyone!


April of Smidge Of This said...

Check out some of my favorite sellers:


I haven't ordered yet from any of them but I've had my eye on all of these for a while!

Jamie said...

Oh - I love discovering new artists on etsy! Here are a few of my favorites:

3LambGraphics http://www.etsy.com/people/3LambsGraphics?ref=ls_profile

The Dreamy Giraffe

Gilding Lilies


Sara Cate said...

I am loving

Janet Hill Studio

and Apple Blossom Prints

Both on ETSY!

Katie said...

Great request!! Here are some I've purchased from:

SparklePower, unitedthread, twoems, slidesideways, AnimaliaShop, bomobob, falldowntree

And others I just like:


Danika Herrick said...

Obsessed with siiso...

Natalie said...

you cant go wrong with the love print! I have it in grey:


I also recently bought a large scale print off etsy that you can see here:


that print is available in all different sizes and is super reasonable!

Happy shopping!

Katie - House Rules said...

My boyfriend is obsessed with those Berkley illustrations. In fact, I think they were the one thing he insisted we buy when we moved in together. Who knew he shopped Etsy?

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I have always wanted the Love one! some of my favourites:


and some I bought:

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

love those. I put together a gallery wall on my blog a while back and I included a few of my favorite shops and prints. You can see them here:


Hope this helps! Can't wait to see what you select.

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love irenesuchoki on etsy. I also love Keep Calm Gallery.

Sketch42 said...


Anonymous said...

I love finding prints on Etsy!

Here are some shops I recommend:




Hope you find something you love!!!

LindsB said...

Nicole how could I have forgotten yours!! I just LOVE your work, you are so talented!!

pve design said...

Thanks for the shout out friend. I think art is so personal. I love "Our Humble Abowed" - she made the most clever artwork for me....which I will share in a few weeks on the wall.
There are so many artworks on etsy that I adore.
I also love collections. You will show us your wall - won't you?

Harley said...

FREE and perfect:

Cheap and lovely: http://www.theposterlist.com/12x18-Posters/

Amanda @ Our Humble A{Bowe}d said...

I have an Etsy shop where I sell affordable customized art: Ourhumbleabowed

I also love these prints:

Sorry, that's a lot, but there might be something perfect for you. :)

Camila said...

I totally think I can talk Jon into sending you a custom piece. You know he hearts you! Give us a snapshot of the gallery wall so I know what colors would work or just email. I could have him start this weekend!

Or let me know if you like anything here: http://www.etsy.com/people/himherabstractart?ref=si_pr

Maria Pope said...

A non Etsy seller is Abbey Ryan on Painting a Day on ebay. She is the most amazing artist, but most artist are amazing in general but she is gifted. Please check her out.

Heather (love your space) said...

Hi there,
I've been doing a series called "Art You can Afford" on my blog, rounding up some favorites from different sites that offer limited editions. In fact, just did a round up today from Art We Love. Check it out heatherpetersondesign.com with the whole series under the "series" tab.

Good luck!


Bane said...

Betsy McLellan is my fiance's cousin. I love all of her prints and her original paintings! I think all of your options are great but I definitely like hers the best. I may be biased but I think she does a great job of capturing the mood of the scene and I love her color choices. Good luck with your decision!

LindsB said...

Camila, you are too sweet! You tell that husband of your to get working on some art to sell so he can make you money and you can come to Boston to visit! Well, when the baby is born of course, I need to meet Jon and the babes SOON!

livingwithstyle said...

Hi Lindsay! Check out Vanity Fair and other Conde Nast prints http://www.condenaststore.com/

Julip Made said...

Mr. Elephant is awesome! I haven't purchased any art in a while, but was recently gifted one of my mother's pieces which is very dear to my heart because it is based on a lullaby my grandmother sung to me when I was little. I am a little biased, but I think her work is amazing and insightful (http://punderwood.com/index.html).

Sketch42 said...

Email me, Ill send you a print! ;)

Mrs. Limestone said...

How about free? I have a few of my favorite sayings as freebie downloads on my blog. Even if its just temporary, hope it helps.