chain me love!

I love nailheads and when I stumbled upon this new nailhead I fell in love. Hard. 
A chainlink nailhead design, HELLO LOVER! 
These nailheads come in two pieces, the link and the loop and they are put together to create a whole chainlink design.  At almost $70 for 50 pieces (25 links, and 25 loops) they arent exactly cheap.  But they sure would make anything old thing look special.

Here is my photoshop version of what it would look like

My mind started working overtime just thinking of all the possibilities that could be done with these.  I wanted to place an order for about 1,000,000 of them just so I could get started on all my ideas. 

This is just what I came up with so far

Use around the edges of plain upholstered ottomans
(Target Kristine ottoman or the Ballard Designs tailored ottoman)

Jazz up a plain Ikea chair (and paint those legs!)

Any mirror would look so awesome with this chainlink design around it- instant work of art for sure
(Ikea Ram mirror)

I'm obsessed with the new textile line from Caitlin Wilson, she is so talented!  Anyway- a plain old bulletin board would look so cool if it was covered in one of her fabrics and then the chainlink design was added
( any old bulletin board with fabric from Caitlin Wilson Textiles)

Turn a plain headboard into a custom work of art

Do the same with a plain upholstered bed- you could even go nuts and do the whole bed!
(Ballard Designs Squire Untufted bed)

green and gold- the perfect combo.  LOVE these shelves now

The possibilities are endless!
They even come in silver and bronze

What would you use these chainlink nailheads on?


Lindsay said...

These are awesome!! I would love to make an upholstered headboard and add this trim. Gorgeous. Good find!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...

Wow- I love this detail! It would look amazing on so many things! I love seeing it on an ottoman or a fabric corkboard. So happy to find your blog! :)

April of Smidge Of This said...

WOW! You always find the best things. Of all that you pictured, the ottoman and Ikea chair are my favorites. Wanna come down to the Carolinas and hook my house up?! :)

Emily @ Little Bits of Delight said...

You should use a few on your new umbrella stand!!! Sometimes discoveries like these have a timing that's just meant to be. ♥

LindsB said...

Emily that's a great idea!! I'll have to add that to the short things of ideas I'm throwing around

Julip Made said...

What a great find adding the perfect detail. I'd add it to the rim of a bar tray!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I like the shelf idea. Especially with the green.

p-l-a-i-d said...

wow, wow, wow! I LOVE these Lindsay!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

WHAT a great find! Looking around my house right now for something I can use it on :)

Amy Meier said...

What a great find! Thank you for sharing.
Amy Meier

Web Design Marietta said...

I am re-covering two wing back chairs right now and these would look awesome on them!

Donna said...

Ummmm Hello, let's just say stunning. Where to begin...so many ways to use the chain link. Love it.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Best product I've seen in awhile!! Janell

alison giese Interiors said...

Wow. Those are KILLER!