Fall into place

While I really love fall, I'm not one to go crazy with the season decorating.  But switching out or adding a few select accessories is something I do like. Here are just a few ideas I'm really loving for Fall this season

Switch out an area rug for an antique Persian rug.  The colors are so warm and inviting and really can be used all year long, but I extra love them in the Fall and Winter.
Another easy idea is to switch out the fabric on side chairs.  It just takes a few minutes to unscrew the seat and a few staples to attach the new fabric, and in no time you'll have an updated Fall chair.

A simple maple tree branch on the mantle is a super easy (and free) way to bring fall to the fireplace.  Oh, and a roaring fire screams Fall too.

There is something about nuts and pewter that just says Fall to me.  If they are paired together, even better.  Hit up those flea markets and second hand shops for pewter bowls and stock up on nuts from the grocery store and you have the perfect Fall decor.  Bonus, you are ready for guests at anytime.

For around $20 you can get a large mum from your local nursery and in an instant give life to an outdoor space.  Maybe it's just me but its just not Fall without mums.

More mums and with a single pumpkin this time. 

Get ready for those Fall fires by storing your firewood in a pretty basket.  You can do this all year long too, but for a Fall switch up maybe add some smaller twigs and twisted up newspaper firestarters to be ready for a fire in an instant.

We just got the fireplace fixed in our apartment and I'm hoping to get some firewood this weekend so I can have my very own romantic Fall fire.  Oh and I'll be putting out some nuts and maple branches as well.  Gotta love Fall!


Anonymous said...

Mums are so fall, the colors are really beautiful.

Kim @ keller-creative said...

I saw some great baskets at World Market but wasn't sure what to do with them. I think they'd be great with firewood in them though. Perfect idea!

Jessie said...

I love mums. We went and got some last night.

Anonymous said...

I am not being critical, but rather curious.
Is it safe to burn ink?


LindsB said...

Dee, actually I'm not sure- that is a good question! I guess I never really questioned it but I probably should :)