a gentleman's rumba

Over the weekend I finally got the chance to stop by the hardware store and pick up two free cans of Benjamin Moore paint (I had coupons, that's why they were free). To avoid standing in the paint aisle for HOURS, I did my homework beforehand and decided to go with Rumba Orange and Gentleman's Gray. 

I went with an orange, well because its my favorite color and I just wanted it.  The Gentleman's Gray is more like a blue, Farrow and Ball's Hague Blue to be exact and I just love it! 

I have no use for the paint yet. But as most of my projects go,  an idea just pops in my head and having the right paint colors and other materials on hand is key.

Some of the ideas I've been tossing around for this paint are as follows:

Find an old mirror at a thrift store and paint it either color- most likely orange

I'm obsessed with this room done by Pieces designer Lee Kleinhelter.  This dresser is Rumba Orange!  Not sure i have enough paint for an entire dresser, but maybe a small side table.

Wonder what my landlord would do if he stopped by and I painted my door orange?  This door from Lauren Leiss's home is perfection, well her whole house is.

Finding a bamboo chair has been on my list forever!  I actually would love one with arms for the office- and giving a bright coat of Rumba Orange would be just the touch the office needs.

I'm in love with the wall color in this room!  Its actually 50/50- Twilight Blue and Gentleman's Blue- love that combo! 

I don't have enough paint for an entire entryway- but this Hague Blue color is stunning in this entryway!

Jenny from My Favorite and My Best painted this sideboard Hague Blue and it is beyond georg in her dining room!  I think I might have enough for a smaller version of this.

Oh the choices!!

Let me ask you, what was your most recent paint purchase (or freebie) and what did you use it for?

(photos from Cottage Living, Lauren's Blog Pure Style Home, House Beautiful design by Ashley Whittaker and photo by Francesco Lagnese, Traditional Home, and Jenny's blog My Favorite and My Best)


pve design said...

I am thinking of painting my front door a bright sunny orange or metallic gold!

heather (love your space) said...

I just picked up a quart of pale yellow oil paint from Benjamin Moore on the reject counter for two bucks! SO cheap (retails for $25). I'll use it to paint the drawers of the campaign dresser in my daughters' room, leaving the frame stained wood.

Orange is my favorite color, too. :)


Ashley said...

I just bought a vintage mirror this weekend and am lost for what color to paint it...thanks for the inspiration, Linds!

viv said...

Beautiful images and amazing inspiration!
SO glad I found your blog :) I'm now following!

Elle & Em said...

We love the design!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Can you fall in love with a paint color? Because I think I just did...gotta get me some of that Gentleman's Blue! Thanks for the source!

Laurie said...

I painted my cubbies Rumba Orange - love love love!

Elizabeth said...

I love these colors! I've been thinking about painting an old pine cabinet in my guest room either an orange or coral red color...after your post, I may just have to paint it rumba orange!