one is silver and the other gold

In the midst of giving my kitchen a little makeover I decided that it was time to give a item that I use almost everyday a mini face lift.

Actually I gave this thing a makeover back when I tried and failed at spray painting some pulls gold - I was on a major gold kick.  I still am actually. 

I taped up the bottom and stuck in the ball thing upright so it would be easy to spray. Oh, I also gave it a quick coat of primer spray first so I could be sure that the gold stuck.

I let it dry/cure for a good week before I put it back together and started using it.

Not that major of a change, but I like its new look.

Maybe next time I'm itching for a small change I'll get out the orange spray paint. Hmmm,  maybe that's a project for this weekend. 

After all, it is almost the end of spray paint season.


Laurie said...

Minor work - big improvement. Totally mod!

Emily | Recently said...

Oh crap, you're right! It's almost the end of spray painting for a while. I need to get busy! I love the change a little gold paint made!

Unknown said...

the Blue Print Cleanse is GREAT - it's $$$$ but i LOVED it - doing another one VERY soon - i got so much energy out of it - felt like my skin was glowing - just be aware of the "taste" of tghe juices - i HATED it the 1st day - but after that i loved them - and DO NOT do on a weekend - worst ever! and when u order - u HAVE to start the day they show up - they have a VERY short life span

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

looks like new, new and better! and love your tiles!

Sell WoW Account said...

that looks really nice!:)

Sara Cate said...

Is that title a kickback to girl scouts? love it.

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Sara Cate

LindsB said...

Sara Cate, it totally is!! As I was getting this post ready and was thinking silver and gold I started singing that song in my head. That is too funny you picked up on that!