crafty Christmas

There are so many Christmas DIY projects that I have been dying to try.  I hate that the Christmas season is so short (Christmas season to me should be all year, but in reality it is the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Day).  It doesn't leave much time to get all those projects on my list done with time left over to enjoy them.

Two years ago when I made my own peacock themed ornaments with clear glass balls and some paint 

Super easy and so cute.  I've been meaning to get to the craft store to pick up some more of those glass balls so I can make more in all different colors.  I love that these can be made to match any Christmas decor theme.

Anyway, I've been searching the internet and Christmas magazines for some of my very favorite Christmas ornament DIY projects. Some have tutorial links and the others look easy enough that you could make them at home too  

painted glass ornaments- there is no tutorial on these, but they are so awesome looking that I am dying to try them

this one made me laugh- especially after Movember just ended.  There is no tutorial as it is sold on Etsy, but you could easily make your own with a plain glass ornament, some white paint, and a sharpie to make you own stash design.

These ones are paper mache- but you could totally paint stripes on any round ornament to make your own version in any color combo

  reindeer ornaments- such a cute idea for kids

Glitter geometric ornaments- I think I just love this one because its pictured with pink and orange

More glitter (Sorry Nicole. It will be over soon, I promise) I like how this one has just a touch of glitter. It could be made in so many different color combos too

So these thumbtack balls aren't necessarily Christmas ornaments (she actually made these to be vase fillers) but stick about a million thumbtacks into a styrofoam ball, add a ribbon hanger and you have such a fun ornament.  I really love the texture of these!

Another version of the painted ornament- but this time only cover part of the inside with paint.

Who knew with pledge and glitter you could get a professional looking glitter ball? Not me, that's for sure.

Sequin balls- I can't imagine the time spent sandwiching all these sequins together, but when its all finished it's a really pretty ornament.

layered paillettes ornament- looks like fish scales- would be so cute in blues and greens like a fishy!

to finish all those pretty ornaments I LOVE the idea of using ribbon to wrap around the top metal part. It just adds that extra detail to make your DIY ornaments look finished (from BHG)

Are there any I missed?  What are your favorite DIY ornament projects?


heather (love your space) said...

we are hosting a tree trimming and have promised ornament-making activities for the kiddos. While most of these are for grown ups, I love the fingerprint reindeer! might need to use that one.

Wendy (SpikesnSparkles) said...

I love those painted glass ornaments! I may have to give them a try!


L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

I'm still loving yours the most! I want to try some this year:)

My Interior Life said...

I love all these! I need to get on it, and make some now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jenna at Homeslice said...

i love the last one from BHG! The ribbon wrapper around is so beautiful and I really like the little branches/berries inside too. So many fun ideas!!

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

Loving those painted glass ornaments.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

omgeee, that reindeer ornament is so adorable!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I'm trying some of these as we speak. I'll have to post about it soon when I'm done. Thanks for the inspirations.

Unknown said...

amazing ornaments!!! <3 lovekenyon.blogspot.com